Sewing for Lottie, OHC sale

What I usually do at the beginning of each month is, a: stock up on toilet paper and rice, and b: go through my dollieh wish list and check if anything's on sale, or about to be discontinued, or if maybe something I've wanted for a long time just happens to be on ebay that week. While my wishlist is practically endless my funds aren't, but having to choose between buying Cool Thing A or Cool Thing B is hardly the worst problem you could have in this world. :)

There's finally a sale on Only Hearts Club at one of the few shops that still carry them. Still not super cheap, but the alternative is paying ridiculous money for shipping, so... I got two clothes sets, the pink party dress and one of the riding outfits. 

Unfortunately the shoes didn't fit the dolls I had in mind: the rubbery pink party slippers do fit obitsu, but they're rather wide and clumsy-looking. The low riding boots (shoes? I'm unfamiliar with the terminology here) look really nice but were really tight even after I'd extended the slit in the back all the way up. 

The most annoying thing is they were sewn to the packaging, so there are two holes in on one side, and of course one had to be placed just where the wider doll feet put extra stress on the material... Since I don't want the plastic to split the Super Model girls and their notoriously wide feet will have to do without riding boots. I might go back and get one of the sets with sneakers, we'll see. 

On the other hand, the pants from the riding set fit Fashionista and Super Model really well (although a bit shorter of course), and the pink party tights were aaaalmost the right size for Howleen (a bit too short, but you can't tell under the skirt). My dolls hardly have any tights, and I haven't had the courage to try and sew any, so that's a plus in my book at least.

There should have been pictures but I got lazy, sorry! Here's what I've been working on instead today: 

Lottie's new clothes!

I found a bunch of fabric samples I forgot I had, and those little strips were just big enough for a skirt for Lottie. Not big enough for a pleated skirt, but I wanted to try something simple (and there's always the big sample bit if I decide to make something more complicated later). 

I thought I'd make something similar to those Licca clone clothing sets by Daiso I've seen. Out of curiosity I ordered a couple from a place that sells them at a reasonable price (www.foundinjapan.com) but they haven't arrived yet and Lottie was getting cold, so I decided to make my own school uniform inspired outfit.

(Dollar store doll clothes are actually great for sewing inspiration: they can be low quality, lopsided with wonky seams, but still look pretty good as a whole. For someone prone to perfectionism it's a much needed reminder not to get too caught up in details.)

Not so sure about that snap, but I didn't have anything smaller. 

I didn't have any plain white cotton fabric that was thin enough for a shirt, so Lottie gets some kind of t-shirt/blouse thing instead (made from a human sized dollar store t-shirt). Something I'm really proud of here is how the sleeves came out, even though it took a couple of tries to get them to cooperate. 
To make it more school uniform-like I thought of adding a collar and some kind of decoration (bowtie?) but I'm not sure if the fabric is too bulky for that. We'll see. 

What I'm not so proud of is the skirt, partiularly the waistline. That's what happens when you just wing it. But hey, I have fabric to make a different skirt for each day of the week, sooner or later I'll get it right. In the meantime, the top covers the mistakes. :)

Lottie's only shoes are the beige and pink gumboots she came with, but I found that these Obitsu mary janes will work in a pinch. 


  1. Love that T-shirt! I have always been a little leery about making one. But will try one day. The skirt is cute too!

  2. Sleeves on doll clothes are always fiddly sewing. You've done a great job and Lottie looks very cute in her new outfit (and I'm sure she's much warmer).

  3. I agree, sewing sleeves on doll clothes can give me a lot of problems. I hope if I keep working at it, I'll get better.

    I have that pink party dress too, but not a doll that fits those tights and shoes. The dress and the purse are cute.

  4. Love that outfit you made! Lottie looks like an adorable little school girl in it!

    I wish there was someplace closer to me that still carried the OHC stuff. It's 1 1/2 hr. trip to check out the stores that (might!) occasionally have a few. I'm trying to find more of the shoes and accessories, mostly.

    1. Thanks, glad you like it!

      Ebay has a lot of OHC stuff, often big lots of dolls+clothes if you don't mind buying used. The intl. shipping unfortunately gets a bit pricy, but if you're in the US you might get a good deal. Just check that the seller didn't decide to keep all the shoes!

    2. Yeah, finding lots with shoes seems to be the trick, lol!

  5. @the grandmommy Thanks! Yeah, t-shirts are tricky, all stretchy and form-fitting... :P It's all trial and error, and using a really thin needle.

    @Carrickters Thanks! Sleeves are the worst part, since you can't see what you're doing. Almost makes me want to switch to 1/3 scale dolls instead...

    @Barb the Evil Genius
    The tights aaaaalmost fit Monster High Howleen! They're not quite long enough though, so she can't wear the shortest skirts with them. A few of my small-footed dolls can wear the slippers, but they're so wide they don't really look good on anyone. :/