Useful doll links

These are just some links I've gathered while googling for something or another doll related. Most of them are reference sites for head molds and the like.Veterans of the hobby may already be familiar with most of them, but for any n00bs out there I thought I'd post them rather than leave them to languish in my bookmarks folder.

I'll probably add to this as I discover more sites to link. - rather confusing and possibly not updated anymore, but an invaluable reference site. A good place to start. - vintage Barbie reference site, particularly useful for its askbox. Browse unanswered questions and help a fellow collector out! - detailed listings of vintage Barbie fashions and fashion paks 1959-1972. - good ref for old Mattel dolls & fashions, although incomplete and with tiny pics. When you've found the serial number you can go look it up at... - Mattel's official site, which for some reason has no browsing function to speak of, so you need to know what you're looking for. - quick list of Barbie body types (not updated with the latest articulated Fashionista/Style versions) - Mattel molds reference. Both old and updated page, including most new Fashionista headmolds. See also her swedish blog here: - quick ref of Ken molds (and other parts I guess) - the Cali Guy Blaine mold has its own page which I keep forgetting how to reach from the front page, so here's the link. - great site for ID'ing 80s and 90s toys, like dolls other than Barbie and Sindy. Also has a forum. (formerly plastigffantastig) - this blog has lots of useful reference posts that I find myself referring back to, like pregnant fashion dolls and ~12/1 dolls - doll review blog. I may not always agree with the final verdict, but the reviews are always thorough and come with loads of photos so you can draw your own conclusions about the products. Since Wordpress blogs obviously don't show up in the blogroll, I'm linking it here instead. - reference page for several brands of fashon dolls. In the process of being rebuilt (unfortunately the Takara head mold list is still 404). good reference for Jenny and friends with list of headmolds. Mostly in Russian, so use Google translate (although you don't really need to) - Takara head mold list (I love head molds, can you tell?) For some reason won't let you Google translate directly via url. Instead, change your browser's character encoding to Shift_JIS, then copypaste the text from the page into Google translate. It's a few extra steps, but it's worth it to get at those sweet mold numbers. also in Japanese. Another good site for ID'ing Takara dolls. - old Yahoo group for Jenny and Licca dolls. Pretty much abandoned now, but the archives are still there. - one of the few English Licca fan sites that are still active. - scans of Pedigree and early Hasbro Sindy catalogs. Tiny pics but still useful. - great reference site for Pedigree Sindy dolls, fashions and furniture 1963-1980. Lots of photos of clothing tags etc. - Hasbro to present era Sindy. Also Susy. - Volks international webstore, selling off the last of the 1/6 Dollfie stock. Linking directly to the English version doesn't work for some reason, so click ->English version ->Website store ->1/6 Dollfie - Volks Perfect File 1/6 body type reference. Not a complete catalog, despite what the name implies, but a handy guide nonetheless. where I hang out when I'm not here :) where I would hang out if I had time for another doll forum. - forum for people who make their own BJDs, or want to learn how to


  1. Thanks for listing these sites. There are some I do not recognize.