Doll talk...

Don't mind me, just talking about dolls... 

Quick show of my newest addition: 21cm Volks guy from someone on the forum! Kid's trying his darndest to look cool while hiding his faceup-lessness under a cute kitty hat ("Ladies..."). Also he wears that Daiso yukata a bit better that Lottie I think? Those shoes were the only ones that fit. 

I suddenly got an email from One World Doll Company today (the makers of Prettie Girls), thanking me (no name) for signing up for their newsletter. Huh?? It's weird because I may actually have registered on their site, but that was several months ago... On the other hand, this might mean they expect to have some news soon - maybe the other planned dolls will finally enter production? (I still want a Lena, but as usual the intl. shipping costs are making me prioritize other dolls.) 

Speaking of that, the price on the Hunter and Ashlynn pack dropped just as I finally had money again. (Seriously, I didn't realize Amazon's prices were like some kind of stock market!) That's the good news. The bad news is Amazon UK apparently stopped offering free shipping to Sweden and a bunch of other countries in April. How did I manage to miss that?! I seem to recall reading about Amazon planning to open up a local site, so I guess it has something to do with that. 

Oh well, even with shipping it still works out to a pretty good price, plus I threw in that Barbie Style (Glam? Luxe?) Teresa with the polkadot jacket I've been wanting. I don't know why, but I really like that jacket. Maybe because I own a similar one that I bought second hand 10 years ago - slightly too small, so I've never been able to wear it. :( (That's a pretty good rule of thumb: Don't buy clothes that don't fit. You'd think it was obvious, right?) 

Speaking of buying and patterns, yesterday I bought a cheap 3-pack of the biggest granny knickers I could find. They're great, huge and with a teeny tiny flower print on them - they're for the dolls, you see, I'm not wearing them. (Alright, I might, if it's laundry day and it's all I can find. Underwear is underwear. The dolls get the first go, though. It's amazing we can share clothes really, you'd never think so by looking at us!)

Also bought pure acetone to see if that works better for removing the factory facepaint from dolls. I'm making the other thrifted Bratz my guinea pig, then maybe the CAM harpy: the trick for a successful practice repaint seems to be using a head you like enough to do your best, but not so much that you don't dare risking to mess up. 

Until then I'm giving the 1/6 Steffi Love head another go, even though her concave, unmolded "eyes" are bothering me a bit. Also I'm running into this weird problem where my thinnest brush simply refuses to deposit any paint, instead the tip just glides over the surface, unless I press down and get a much wider line than I wanted. Incredibly annoying! I'm not sure whether the problem lies with the paint, the brush or the surface. Low quality brush hair or greasy fingerprints are my prime suspects, though.

Blogger's reading list is now only showing the last day's posts from blogs I'm following, unless you click the "Show more" button at the bottom - which doesn't do anything because Blogger and my mobile don't play nice together, no matter what browser I use. Sigh. 


  1. Amazon's prices change depending on the time of day/day of week you look at it--higher prices for higher traffic times is *I think* how it works.

    Ha ha, if you've never used acetone before, you may be shocked by how quickly it takes off face paint! For big paint areas like Bratz eyes, it can turn the paint into a messy sludge, so I like to have a few cotton balls around to get all of the mess off.

    I find that the more I like a headsculpt, the more 'scared' I am that I won't be able to fulfill the potential of the sculpt, while the sculpts I don't like so much are the sculpts I can go wild on repainting. 'course, I don't always go for realistic repaints (OK, I don't usually go for realistic repaints at all!), so big blank surfaces like Bratz and La Dee Da dolls can open possibilities for ridiculously stylized faces... --Andrea/DollsAhoy

  2. I had this issue with Blogger a few days ago, it only showed ONE post and the "view more" button didn't work. Hubby said it was a problem on their end. It looks fixed now.

    I'm so guilty of buying knickers for dolls! I look for stripes, frills and laces though. It usually goes like this: "I want these in the largest size you have" "The small size will fit you just fine" "They aren't for me" "..."
    Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Good idea, buying panties for doll fashions. You can get the softer, lighter fabrics.

    Congrats on your new Volks guy. Good luck giving him the face you want. (I haven't done any painting jobs in some time. Need to try my hand on some, hmmm?)

    Looking forward to hearing about your new Teresa and the new couple, Hunter and Ashlynn.

  4. Your new Volks guy is a little cutie from what I can see. I think that I have those same shoes.

    I unexpectedly received an email from One World Doll Project, also. I figured it was because I had ordered one of their dolls in the past.

    I had a problem with Blogger a couple of days ago where I was only being shown 1 post and the Show More button would not show me more. Very annoying indeed, but it's fixed now.

  5. @DollsAhoy There's a site called camelcamelcamel.com that tracks amazon's prices. I don't know if it's 100% accurate but it seems so. You can see a graph for the last year, I think - very telling.

    The acetone was a bit of a ...revelation, actually. :D Agree on not wanting to mess up your favorite sculpts, but I've noticed I tend to get sloppy when I practice on a junk head, since I don't care as much about the result... So somwhere in between is probably the ideal.

    Glad it wasn't just me. Blogger seems to be working now anyway. Yes, big panties = more fabric for your money! Although I always feel a bit guilty if it's the last pair in that size...

    @D7ana Thanks! I'm not sure I'll paint him at all actually, I'm getting attached to him the way he is. I'm not sure I've seen your repaints, but I'll keep an eye out for any new ones you post.

    Underwear and sometimes baby clothes are great for thin materials and tiny patterns, I've discovered.

    @Roxanne Since Yes, I think I saw them in your photostory? Don't know where they're frlm but they're great for small feet.

    That makes sense, but I never bought anything... But I got another more substantial newsletter today, so maybe they just decided to start it just now?

  6. I'm glad you all had the same problem with Blogger a few days ago - I thought it was just me.(I've also had a lot of times lately where I log on and it says I am not following any blogs at all.) The granny knickers sound like a great idea, can't wait to see what you make.