more repaint practice

Once every few months I remember I need to actually practice if I'm going to get better at repainting dolls. I've dug up a MyScene head to use as a practice head - it's amazing how much easier it gets when you actually like the sculpt you're painting! The Bratz head had the advantage of being big, but that was it. I never actually wanted to repaint a Bratz doll, but it didn't really occur to me that working on a face mold you hate would make it harder to find motivation for practicing... 

Still only got brush-on sealer, still no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to get the hang of blushing using paint on a practically dry brush. I keep underestimating exactly how dry the brush has to be (answer: VERY dry) but I'm getting better at it. This time tried using cold greens and blues under eyes, but particularly around and below the mouth, to create more lifelike color variations in the skin. 

There's also about 10 other unrelated things I've tried to do at the same time on that face. It's still not so much a coherent face-up as it is a sketchbook, but I think that's how I need to work at this point. (I accidentally put on sealer when the head was still wet and it craked along the left cheek, so I don't feel bad making mistakes since I know  I'll have to wipe this either way.) 

I took a few other pics, they're on my flickr. Be warned: it's just the same face at the same stage of painting but from different angles).

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  1. I like the dry brushing and she does look more life like, almost like she's glowing.