Evi Love horse and carriage (plus Blogger eats yet another of my posts)

Apparently Blogger has its own interpretation of what "undo" and "close without saving" means. Anyway, I had a post about trying to ID this Evi Love horse and carriage set I got (cheap!) from the thrift store. Someone on Flickr figured it out pretty quickly and I went to update the post, but then Blogger and I had a little disagreement and that post is now gone. Ah well, it wasn't exactly Pulitzer Prize material.
ID help! Simba Toys horse + carriage
The horse and carriage that Blogger ate. Bad Blogger!
Anyway, we still have the photos to look at! This is "Evi's Pony Trailer" or part of that set, since it seems there should be a trailer included too. With the name I managed to find an online auction with a photo (link). As you can see mine is missing the sides in the back. Still a fully functional carriage, though, so it doesn't bother me too much. There are a few more pics on my flickr, but I feel like trying to add any more would be challenging fate, so I'll just post this before Blogger gets hungry again.
Simba carriage
Not pictured: missing parts.


So I finally registered at Pinterest, even though I swore I never would since that site is a mess of user unfriendliness. For some reason I thought having an account would improve things. Yeah right. When you sign up you have to click the little ticky boxes to follow a minimum of five interests. I only found three I liked (all monster high related, since that's what the link I came in through said) so I clicked a couple of random ones so it would let me continue. (The page promised me I'd be able to change it later.) And now my feed is full of boring junk and I can't find the option to get rid of them! Or follow something else instead, if it absolutely has to be five. Gaaaaahh. 

I'll try to figure this out before I start following people and stuff.


The OHC Rebody Project feat. my lost Volks package

Lo and behold, the package I thought was lost arrived today! Apparently a whole bag of mail had gone missing over the weekend, so at least it wasn't personal. I did have to pay VAT though, so I suspect they've started being more careful when checking the smaller/lower value packages. Oh well, at least I can finally show you what I bought and what I did with it.

Volks package arrived!
Stuff from Volks


Monster High fountain pen!

First the post loses my package from Volks, and then, in some kind of horrible Ouroboros of fail and puns, Blogger eats my post. I'm not even going to try to reconstruct it all from memory, just skipping to the good news which is that I am now the proud owner of a Monster High fountain pen! It came with the latest issue of the Monster High magazine, which is just a glorified ad pamphlet that I've seen in stores but never ever been tempted to buy. Until now. The pen is cheap junk, of course, and I should know better than to buy it because they never last very long, but the price for the "magazine" was about the same as a cheap junk fountain pen usually costs and, well, my last cheap junk pen broke so I needed one anyway. And this one has Clawdeen and the girls on it, and I mean cmon. There's no way I can resist that!

MH magazine + fountain pen!
MH magazine. More plastic than paper.
I googled a bit but couldn't find this particular MH themed fountain pen, although there were one or two others, in case you want one for yourself.

Since I ostensibly paid for the "magazine", I figured I might at least open it. It's about as bad as I had imagined: excerpts from the diaries, Meet The Fusion Monsters!, What's in Draculara's Handbag? etc. I think there may have been a crossword as well. Oh, and two comics, both consisting of screenshots from a webisode and one of the CGI movies.

Inside the MH magazine 2
Manny: I don't want any zombies on my team!
Slo-Moe: Uuuuurrgghh!
Ghoulia: Uuuuurrgghh!
Ball: RAWR!
Manny: I can't believe we lost to the zombies!

The pen comes with one (1) cartridge of purple ink. Now, one of the reasons I love that they made a MH fountain pen is the fact that fountain pens are awesome, and if this stupid piece of junk mail manages to introduce them to girls between the ages of 6 and 12 I couldn't be happier. But I'm also kind of concerned that the average girl aged 6-12 won't know where the heck to buy fountain pen cartridges. So there's that.

Anyway, here's the pen:
MH fountain pen

As you can see it also comes with some kind of cell phone charms, except for pens, so pen charms I guess. They're a bit wonky and get in the way a bit if you put the cap on the end of the pen while you're using it. Unfortunately they're not made to be removed without ruining them. On the other hand, they're kind of cool. I should notify the Fountain Pen Network.

The pen charms are also useful for hiding mistakes in your writing samples:

Edward Gorey and Monster High - a match made in Heaven! *thunderclap* *wolves howl*
It writes, there isn't much else to say about it. The line is a bit wide and the ink runs a bit too freely, but it doesn't make blots or clog, or at least not yet. Usually with cheap pens something goes wrong after a while, but until then I can write all my shopping lists in style.