Mixis Rosa, Zica Yvonne 1/8, and a new wooden bjd project!

Funny thing is, the reason I've been nonblogging lately is I've got too much I want to write about and can't decide where to start! As usual, I've dumped all my un-blogged-about photos on Flickr, so if you follow me there you're all caught up on my doll escapades.

This got a bit long so I'm putting it behind a cut.


Return of the Repaint! (aka a bunch of WIPs)

It must be spring, because I suddenly found the energy to work on my repaints again. One of my two Bratz practice heads now has a finished face that I'm planning to keep at least for the time being. I sealed it with two coats of Liquitex Matte Varnish (brush-on, but I'm getting a bit better at avoiding leaving brushmarks) and then Gloss Varnish on the eyes and lips. I think I overdid it a bit - maybe the entire eye doesn't need to be completely shiny? Next time I'll either try to lay it on a bit thinner, or buy a bottle of semi-matte (semi-gloss?) varnish instead.

gloss varnish
Guess who's got painted AND real highlights??