This blog has gone sadly neglected lately, and I can only blame summer. (The internet tells me some traditions count June 20 as the first day of summer, but up here we're officially halfway trough already.)

Anyway, I just remembered I found these dolls on Facebook a while ago that I've been meaning to post about:

Meet myIDolls:

Photo by Jesper Persson (c) myIDolls, used with permission
MyIDolls were conceived by a Swedish mum as an attempt to offer more diversity than Barbie does, in terms of ethnicity, body type and gender expression, among other things. Check out their Facebook page or website (for English version, scroll waaaaay up and then click on the EN link in the right hand corner). They're still on the prototype stage, but you can sign up for updates on the homepage.

(behind a cut for anatomically correct doll nudity, just to be on the safe side)


Lottie reviews (link)

In case you're curious about the new 2015 Lottie dolls, Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter is reviewing one each day of this week (or something like that). Finn still looks like a troll, but there's an adorable '50s inspired Lottie I hadn't seen before, so go check'em out!