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~Mrs. Anderson's Magical Mystical All-Purpose 2-in-1 Starch and Scouring-Powder ~ Revolutionary New Formula! (pat.pending) ~ By Royal Appointment to His Majesty the King of Rock'n'Roll~

..nope, sorry - it's just a doll blog.

 About me: female, mid 30s, living in Sweden (which in terms of doll collecting means a smaller selection of Barbie dolls than the US, and not as many Steffi Love dolls as Germany. Also ebay shipping can get expensive). Never quite grew out of my Barbies and have drifted in and out of the hobby ever since.

My "collection" comprises all sorts of playline 1/6 fashion dolls, the cheaper the better (lots of thrift store finds!). I love dolls with a unique face, and I'm slightly obsessed with articulation since that's something most of my childhood dolls lacked. This lead me to discover Obitsu and Volks, and I also own a couple of 1/6 action figures. Recently I've begun experimenting with making ball-jointed dolls - out of wood.

Occasionally I sew, I've done a couple of reroots, and I'm slowly improving my repaint skills. It's more talk than action, though, but that's what blogs are for. I take lots of photos and when I don't feel like writing a post I just dump them on my Flickr.

 Not actually married, nor is my name Anderson, although it might have been: The Mrs. Andersson in question was my grandmother who passed away a few years ago, and when I needed a username for Flickr I picked that as a sort of hommage to her.

 English isn't my first language and sometimes things come out funny. Sometimes I realize several months later and go back and edit. Sometimes I don't - so if you see anything that makes even less sense than usual, please feel free to correct me!

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