Mattel's greasy hair problem

This doll has very greasy hair.

Once again I've managed to completely forget I have a blog. I remember I was going to post about my latest additions to the monster gang, but I'm feeling a bit uninspired at the moment. I did take a bunch of pics at least (and dumped them all on Flickr). They're a couple of CAM packs that were on sale (it was almost impossible to find a mummy that wasn't completely missmatched. And I don't know why the harpy's wings are heavy, solid slabs of plastic, but at least her shoes are awesome) plus the headless headmistress Bloodgood that I've wanted for a while, not least because of her boots which are plain and black and also fit Nefera. 

The first thing I did was take down her bun and wash the product out (somehow I don't feel like the doll is really mine unless I can do what I want with the hair). I gave her a new loosee bun that looked pretty ok, but then I discovered she had a really bad case of glue seepage. Typical.

The thing is, most of my purchases lately have been afflicted by the dreaded Mattel Glue Head Problem. First there was the thrifted Fashionistas Nikki that I had to give a reroot. Didi I mention the A&T cheerleader Ken I got a couple of months ago? Sticky glue-y hair. (At least his was short.) Then I got a thrift store Rapunzel a couple of weeks ago, and of course as soon as I washed her, her scalp started seeping glue. Oh, and Raven Queen? Sticky. Even Nefera, whose box 'do  I've never touched, is starting to feel a bit sticky... 

I know that washing the hair makes the glue problem worse, but sometimes you have to (like with thrift store dolls). And honestly I have a really hard time accepting that a kids' toy made of vinyl and plastic shouldn't be able to withstand cleaning?! If they were made of rice paper or something I could understand, but this is just ridiculous. 

So I've been debating with myself what to do about this. I not keen on rerooting EVERYTHING, but what options do I have? Someone mentioned using degreaser intended for bike chains (I think?), so I guess that's one option, although I have to wonder how that would affect the vinyl. 

Then there's this trick where you basically fill the head with talcum powder:
 I'm trying it on Rapunzel (and I felt more like an ancient Egyptian enbalmer than ever) but I've been lazy and haven't gotten around to brushing the powder out of her hair yet so I can't say if it's working. The head doesn't seem to be leaking powder, at least. 

...so that was my rant for today. 


Thrift store find: Sindy desk

There's been a lot of warnings about bedbugs here recently, so I'm trying to cut down on my thrift store shopping. Anyway, this Sindy desk I found last week didn't really have anywhere for creepy-crawlies to hide (to be on the safe side I put it in the freezer a few days anyway). 

Disassembling and reassembling was pretty easy and didn't require much force.

Art desk! Slightly yellowed on one side, but in perfect working order otherwise. Did I mention how much I love art supplies for dolls?

Don't ask me why Raquelle signed her painting "Sindy". Forgery, perhaps? 

(Oh and I bought a bunch of Monsters too on sale, but that's a post for another day.)


Steffi Love boots mod

Oh yeah, I actually finished modding those Steffi Love boots. Originally they were fake flats, but I sliced off the soles, hollowed them out to make room for föat feet, then glued them back together. They still only fit articulated Steffi's feet, but at least the proportions don't look as weird. 

All hollowed out and ready for reassembling! I just used whatever glue I happened to have laying around.

The seam split when I rammed her foot down in the boot too carelessly. Oh well, just pour some extra on.

Steffi Love's articulated feet aren't pretty, but they do the trick.

Balancing without problem!