Mini post: disappointing new Sindy

I probably posted about the rumor that Pedigree had reacquired the license for Sindy and was going to relaunch the line. Recenly I've reconnected with my childhood Pedigree Sindys, as well as discovered the charm of the early Hasbro incarnations, and I was excited at the prospect of a revamped line in the same style, particularly after the uninspiring final years of Vivid's ownership of the brand.

Well, last week someone posted a link to the new Sindy dolls on tumblr, and my hopes were swiftly crushed. Instead of (re)joining the ranks of "alternative" fashion dolls, they created a generic-looking 18 inch child doll and slapped the name Sindy on her. I'm not sure why - maybe that's really where the safe money is nowadays? That may be the case, but what with all the Lotties, Lammilys, Only Hearts Clubs etc that have come out in recent years, you might think re-introducing the original "realistic" rival of Barbie would at least have some marketing value. Regardless of whether you think kids should have less idealized dolls or not, I don't think they will buy that a big doll modeled after a little girl is a substitute for an adult fashion doll. They're completely different types of dolls, for different types of play, and I think kids know that too.

 That said, I'm curious how this relaunch will pan out. Of course one big doll more or less on the market doesn't effect me, I'm just thinking of what could have been.


  1. Wow, that sucks. That's more than a revamping. That's a total do over.

  2. That must be super disappointing for Sindy fans. I like 18" dolls, but there are so many on the market already. I guess they were too nervous to try something unique.

  3. Why even use the name? Someone wasn't thinking.

  4. @Vanessa, Barb the Evil Genius, Muff: No idea what they were thinking. Classic Sindy was cute, I wish they had kept her face, or made a slightly updated version. Still not the doll for me, but it would have been nice to keep the connection to her history. This face just looks so bland... :/

  5. Annoying. Sindy was a playscale doll. They didn't need to increase her size and reduce her age.

    1. Completely agree. I suspect this line won't last very long (although as an adult collector I might be wrong about the appeal of this doll).