Petition for Mattel to actually produce that Gabby Douglas barbie!

I don't know if you've seen the Gabby Douglas Barbie Mattel made? Personally, I don't follow - well, sports, really, but I'm always on the lookout for interesting face sculpts and this doll has one of the best I've seen in ages. Plus there's hardly a surplus of black barbie face molds. Unfortunately, like most of Mattel's Shero dolls, this doll is a OOAK and not actually for sale, even though some of the media blurbs don't make this clear.

I hope it's ok to use this promo pic here - will remove if asked!

It would be a pity to design such a great unique mold just to use it once and then let it gather dust. And I'm pretty sure there's a considerable overlap of little girls who dream of being ballerinas and gymnasts, and little girls who love Barbie (and of parents who want to buy a doll modeled after a great role model). And now we have the Made to Move body that can actually perform all those gymnast moves! (Well. not on her own, obviously, but... you know what I mean.)

Apparently I'm not the only one: there's now a petition for Mattel to actually make this doll, at least in a limited edition. To be honest, I'm not sure how much this could affect their decision - I mean, the headglue petition didn't really do much. But as BlackDollCollecting points out, apparently it worked for getting the Ava DuVernay Shero doll produced, so it might be worth a shot!

Thanks to BlackDollCollecting and Phyllis who posted about this.

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