What Fits Who?? The Bratz clothing saga continues!

There's no photo evidence (because I keep forgetting you need light for that), but I've finally worked my way through the Bratz clothing lot! After picking out the Barbie clothes (worth the price alone) and anything obviously too small, big or ugly, I set out trying the rest on every doll I could think of. Pants don't close at the waist on regular Monster High? Try Howleen. Too baggy? Try Nefera. Too short? Try Ever After High, they're the same height as regular Monsters but a bit more curvy (although most Bratz fashion is so not Raven Queen). And don't forget they all have a longer distance between crotch and waist than Bratz, so even pants that fit tend to ride dangerously low. Whew. I should make a chart, but my head is spinning - and that's just the pants! 

Tops are trickier, but EAH seems to be the closest in body shape. Jackets on the other hand have more leeway. There were two or three fake leather ones in the lot that looked pretty good on all the monster girls. 

A couple of jackets somehow fit the 25cm Obitsu and Hanna Montana, but I suspect they're probably not Bratz clothes. There were also some Bratz Boyz pants that I discovered fit the Simba Super Models almost perfecly. The margins are pretty slim though, and it depends on the material, model, and manufacturing variations. The tops were too short and wide.

A couple of skirts ended up on Lottie (after snipping the fabric strap/"underwear" that keeps them from riding up). And after all of that, there's still a big pile of clothes going back to the thrift store. I'm trying to be strict and not hang on to cute clothes that might fit some doll some day. It's partially to curb my hoarding tendencies, and partially because I felt kind of bad for selfishly snatching up both bags of clothes when I don't even have any Bratz dolls. But there's a bunch of good stuff in there still that someone could make better use of than me. 

(Oh and yes, I finally got a EAH! Raven Queen. I love the design of the body, although a torso joint would have been nice. However, now that I've seen it in person I really don't like her face. I've added her to The Unending Repaint List Of Legend, let's hope that solves the issue.)


  1. Bratz's tops fit my Hi!Glamm dolls, skirts same. As for pants- well, obviously not, cause Hi!Glamm are all that legs.

  2. I actually would like more Ever After bodies, but they are just so darn expensive!