Clothes for Barbie's Li'l Friend, plastic grass, toothpics

(ETA: As someone pointed out to me, that's not Kelly/Shelley but one of Barbie's Li'l Friends, a completely different doll: http://www.lilfriends.net/heartplay.html

I don't know how I missed that, particularly since she doesn't look anything like Kelly/Shelley... Probably because I've had her since I was a kid and never had an actual Shelley, so I just assumed they gave the doll a complete makeover some time durig the last 20 years. Apparently not! I'll change the post when I'm at my computer, so for now just remember that when I write kelly/shelley below, it's a lie.)

Good thrift store find yesterday: unopened outfit for ... mini Baby Born dolls, I guess? Never seen those before.  

Have some bad photos from before I tore up the package to get at the contents:

Dress, pants, headband, and those 3 little accessory thingies. The duck was probably half the reason I got it. Also: cheap.

Also available, apparently. 

I was hoping at least the dress might work as a blouse for Lottie, but it was too small. 

"Thanks, grandma! Um... did you keep the receipt?" 

Then I remembered my Kelly/Shelley doll needs clothes too, so I dug her out of the bottom of the doll drawer. Much better! The collar is a bit wide, otherwise it's a good fit. (It was a bit bubbly so I ironed it out a bit to make it lie flat.)

Her name is Jennifer, by the way. Because Kelly/Shelley wasn't confusing enough. (Still haven't settled on a new name for the Lottie doll, though.)

Collar before. Ironing is like my magical trick for making doll clothes look good. 

All Lottie got to keep was the headband. 

Other good stuff from yesterday: a litle plastic tray full of fake greenery which was sold as a soap dish. I thought it might make a good 1/6 prop, but not until the smell evaporates... (Stinky plastic is my dollar store nemesis.)

Also a box of 250 plastic toothpics in bright neon colors. Not sure what I'm going to use them for, but they gotta be good for something. 


  1. Wait, was the soap dish filled with the greenery when you bought it, or you filled it yourself? If it came with it, how is it a soap dish?

    I have never thought to iron dolls clothes even though they are often permanently turned upwards from being stuck in packaging.

    1. It came like that! The soap rests on top of the fake grass and keeps dry, I guess? There was a toothbrush mug too, where you basically stick your toothbrush in a cup full of grass.