Prettie Girls sale!

Windowshopping time! 
Just in case you don't follow Van's Doll Treasures and missed her post about it, AngelicDreams.com are having a sale on Prettie Girls. I would buy a Lena, but I checked and the international shipping cost is fairly ridiculous. So I'm telling you instead, so I can live vicariously through your shopping! Or something. 

(BlackDollCollecting has a reveiw of Prettie Girl Lena here in case you're unfamiliar with them. Cons are so-so articulation with hinged knees and no wrists, pros are nice clothes, lovely facemold, and a new unique body shape with big feet that you can try all your unclaimed doll clothes and shoes on - or at least those are the reasons I would want one.)

Speaking of articulation, I just found out the Glam/Luxe/Style/whatever Barbies have detachable elbows - and hands! And I said I would only be getting a Midge... 

Also, Britney is bald now. The black specks stuck in the scalp were easy to get off once the hair was gone. She still has some shiny patches here and there from the unidentified goo - I'm thinking maybe some kind of spraypaint? Or something like varnish? Maybe acetone/alcohol would be better for getting it off. I'll give it a try some day.

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