Thrift store find: Jane #2

Small but interesting thrift store find today: another Jane! Jane is a character from Peter Pan 2 which I haven't seen, but apparently she's Peter's and Wendy's daughter. I guess he did grow up after all? 

I don't know why these photos are so blurry. She came in some kind of green gingham onesie that doesn't really fit.

Jane #1 (aka Janet) was one of my first thrift store finds when I got into the hobby a couple of years ago. She came in her original dress and, amazingly enough, shoes. She's now rebodied on a Liv Katie body, the only one I could find that matched her yellow-peach complexion. Not sure what to do with this one as she doesn't really need a twin, but this is a face I really like and so I jumped at the chance to own a double.

I'm actually a bit surprised to find another one, since this doesn't seem to be a well-known character/doll and I'd never even heard of the movie before. But then again, it's hardly the weirdest thing I've found at goodwill. 

The hair on Jane #2 is in pretty good condition, another plus. Sadly I managed to mess up the hair on Jane #1 by washing it without keeping an eye on the thatch, then using too hot water to get the head off. The good news is it works pretty well with her character.

I passed on a Fashionista Nikki (with the old hinged knees that I don't like) and a couple of boring dolls with some interesting clothes, but not good enough for the price. 

I did buy another plastic cup full of fake grass, though. The last one was a soap dish; this one is supposed to be a pen holder. They were out of the toothbrush mug variety, but I'm not sure there's a difference. Now to wait for the plastic smell to dissipate...


  1. Jane is Wendy's daughter. In the original play, Peter Pan shows up again eventually and, realizing Wendy is grown up, takes Jane off to visit Neverland with him. And Jane's daughter, and Jane's granddaughter, and so on.

    1. You're right of course, I don't know how I got it in my head she's Peter Pan's daughter. Maybe it's the design, or I was thinking of that Robin Williams movie.