Random sewing and wig buying

And now for something completely different: 

After I put that headband that came with the mini BabyBorn clothes on Lottie, I realized she needed a white dress to go with it. Super simple model, made from a cheap white t-shirt. I quite like how it came out, although I still need to close it in the back. 

Currently looking at shoes for her (she came with gumboots/wellies). The accessory packs get a bit expensive with shipping, but there is a set with a little robot (to go with Robot Girl Lottie) that comes with two pairs of shoes that I think are supposed to fit the dolls too, but I haven't been able to unambiguously confirm it.

ETA re Lottie shoes: 
The robot set comes with the robot wearing a pair of pink shoes, but the promo pics shows it wearing the second green pair as well. This reviewer apparently managed to change the robot's shoes: http://pleasegivepeasachance.blogspot.se/2013/11/lottie-dolls-review-and-giveaway.html 
This reviewer on the other hand says she couldn't get the first pair off the robot's feet, although she mentions the second pair fits Lottie: https://rebeccahains.wordpress.com/tag/lottie/ 

Both reviews are from last November, so unless they started glueing the shoes onto the robot sometime in between, the second reviewer probably just got a dud. I really hope that's the case, because two pairs of shoes (and a robot) clearly beats one pair of shoes and a dress in terms of value for your doll money.

In other sewing news, I made Mimi Bobeck a simple hat after hacking most of her hair off. I want to finally get started on that makeover I've been meaning to give her, and it looks like a wig is the best alternative.

Her head is pretty hard plastic and I'm not sure I could get it off without breaking something (although crazybarbielady seems to have managed to do it). The hairdo I have in mind for her is probably above my skill level anyway. 

I'm really hoping that eye shadow hasn't stained. One day I shall find out...


  1. I really like that dress. I could see going in a lot of directions with it using different fabrics and lengths! That mimi doll is just too funny. Bug I like her size!

    1. Thanks! I'm keeping it simple to begin with. And I agree, Mimi is great - in every meaning of the word. :D

  2. That dress is quite cute! It reminds me of the underclothes they would wear on Little House on the Prairie.

  3. I agree with The grandmommy and Muff - that outfit is cute AND it reminds me of the petticoats worn on "Little House on the Prairie."

  4. I agree with everyone above, the little white dress is very cute. I like the green hat too. Did I miss a post about Mimi, I don't recognise her at all?

  5. Thanks, everyone! Now let's see if I can finish it too... :)

    @carrickters I got Mimi before I started the blog, so I never did a post about her. Definitely will once she has her new hair!