Britney the doll has... dandruff?!

(A short post in which I contemplate what to do with a thrift store doll. Also complaining. As usual.)

A while ago I got this Britney Spears doll from the thrift store. I've always regretted not buying one when I found them at a surplus store years ago. This one had none of her original clothes and was in a pretty sorry state, but she was cheap and you can always use another unique face mold. Or at least that's what I tell myself to justify these little purchases. 

Anyway, that sorry state I mentioned proved harder to amend than anticipated. Her face was covered in some sort of dried glittery ...stuff. I managed to get most of if off with the Twin Pines stuff, but there's still some in the harder-to-reach areas, like behind the ears and around the nose and eyes (se pic). 

I could probably get that out if I gave it another go with something small and pointy, but the real problem is her scalp. Not only does the face goo continue up in the hair, getting stuck in and between the plugs, but there's also a bunch of weird black stuff stuck to her head that reminds me of cigarette ashes or fragments of dirt.


I'm not sure what happened too her. Maybe some kid buried her in the garden? It's not stuck very hard to the plastic - you can just scrape it off with the fingernail - but the hair plugs are in the way and prevents you from cleaning it out completely. 

I should probably cut her hair off, but the thing is I like it. It's just thin, coarse nylon in a pretty boring (possibly home made) haircut, but that's pretty much my favorite kind of doll hair. Big fantasy hair is just unrealistic and annoying in my opinion - plus it throws off the doll's balance completely. And I don't have any suitable hair to reroot with, so she'll just go on the neverending reroot list (which is just as much of a dead end as the neverending repaint list by now) until I feel like I can afford to order some. 

For example, poor Lelia here has been bald for like two years now.

I don't know. At this point I'm leaning towards cutting it off anyway, if only to see if I can figure out what the heck that stuff is. 

Britney with her two daugthers, not!Taylor Swift and Nose Stain Skipper. 


  1. Lelia is a cutie, hair or not ;-)

    Shame about your Britney having that ahem hair problem. I have a Cali Girl Lea doll with slight "ashiness" on her face. Like pastel dandruff. I think it might have come from the cardboard "surf board" boxed with her, but I cannot think how it got on her face. Shrug.

    I like the family photo of the three dolls together. I agree with you about the Taylor Swift doll - not the best likeness ;-P I wonder though about that last doll. I don't recall seeing a Skipper with that face mold. Not to imply that I have seen ALL Skippers ... I just wonder if she could be the British version of Hannah Montana by Mattel. Her nose seems a little thicker than what Mattel usually does.

  2. I have a1:12 who had really bad hair. I cut it off and bought some hair online. I bought wig online...it was a mohair mess. I thought I could glue it on and style it. But the wig would not stay on and now she has a gluey mess on her head! Now what? LOL

  3. @D7ana You're right, it's Hannah Montana! I guess I just assumed she was a Skipper. Thanks for the ID help - the family ties make even more sense now. :D As for the ashy face, maybe some kind of reaction in the vinyl?

    @the grandmommy Hmm, good question. Peel it off and start over? I'm pretty sure I've seen doll wig tutorials, but I've never tried it myself, and a 1:12 sounds really small.

    1. @Anderson's All-Purpose - neat. Now you have 3 singer dolls. I started to add "talented," but I don't know if you'd consider them all that, lol. I'm familiar with some Britney Spears songs, but I think I only know 1 thing by Taylor Swift (okay voice) and nothing by Hannah Montana. Shrug.

      Congrats on getting that icky stuff out.

      Your post has me re-thinking selling my Britney doll. She does have a different face mold ....

  4. Yeah, I used to dig a hole and bury my sister's Barbies and then dig them back up and give them a bath and shampoo. I can tell you from experience that's not soil. I don't know what it is, but it's not soil.

    1. Well, your comment freaked me out enough that I finally pulled out the shears! :D (Actually I had more or less decided already.) I still don't know what it was but it seems to be gone now. It didn't look like mold, at least.