Thrift store finds: more IKEA furniture

Another post, another IKEA dollhouse set! 

I found this yesterday - a nice surprise since I'd almost given up on that particular thrift store. It's pretty close so I pop in now and then, but recently the findings there have been so scarce I almost thought they stopped selling toys entirely. But apparently I've just been having bad luck and/or timing. 

I've seen this set in photos and liked the bright 70s colors (although I assume it was made more recently). The design is the same as the chairs and table I already had. Of course most of it is slightly too small for my dolls, but I really like the look of this furniture so I got it anyway.

The bed has a knob missing. There are matching holes under each leg so you could probably stack them and make bunk beds.

The bed and chairs will probably be re-donated, but the desk is almost the right size for Lottie, and the shelf can just be a very low shelf (maybe for shoes?). 

Oh, and I found this rather terrifying lady: 

(c) 2006 Mirage Studios and Playmate Toys. Google tells me she might be Silver Sorceress, a name that doesn't ring any bells with me. I think her eyes and breastplate are supposed to light up, but I haven't got the right type of batteries to try it. She's the same height as Lottie (almost 8") and for some reason cannot balance with both feet flat on the ground. Not sure if that's a bug or feature, but she looks cool so whatever. 

-I'm sorry, you can't deduct your travels to and from Alpha Centauri as a business expence unless you saved the receipts.


  1. Lottie looks adorable in her simple white frock.

    Silver Sorceress doesn't ring any bells for me either. Silver Surfer, yes. LOL. Poor woman seems overburdened with heavy accessories all over. Small wonder she cannot keep her receipts in order ;-)

  2. Oh keep the bed and chair! You never know when Lottie might have a friend over! Lottie looks wonderful with the desk and chair!

  3. LOL @ the last photo and caption.

  4. @D7ana Yeah, there's a lot going on with that costume. Her hands look like they're meant to grip something, too (a handbag full of receipts perhaps?).

    @Ms.Leo You mean the solution is to buy more dolls? I like the sound of that! :D

    @Muff That's why there are so few alien bounty hunters on Earth: they fear our paperwork!