Reroot progress

Started rerooting Fashionistas Nikki yesterday. Her head still felt a bit sticky, but I decided it's probably from the Formula 911. It's great for removing dirt etc that the washing-up liquid won't touch, but it seems to leave a slightly greasy surface, plus it smells rather strongly of citrus (I think). It makes me wonder whether it contains lemon oil or something, and how that affects the vinyl in the long run. (I should point out I've never had any problems so far and that it seems carefully tested and developed, I'm just wondering.)

Nikki yesterday... 

...and today (with the first row of plugs tied down over her face to keep it out of the way).

This is my second try with the reroot tool and I'm learning as I go. I'm using nylon, about 30-40 hairs/plug (15-20 folded), which I hope is enough. If I pull on them they will come out fairly easily, but I'm planning on covering the inside with glue later. If I used maybe 40-50/plug I could probably rely on tension alone, but I'm worried of splitting the vinyl or something and besides I'm not really a fan of the ridiculous amounts of hair most playline dolls seem to have. Last time I used thicker plugs (becuase I couldn't get the head off) and the hair ended up a bit too thick in places. 

Also, re: my latest rebody fail, I discovered there actually are articulated Bratz bodies, and they seem to be about the same height as the unarticulated ones (depending on what shoe-feet they're wearing, I guess). Here's one compared to Monster High: http://heyitsmuff.blogspot.se/2012/08/from-fairy-to-human-teen.htmlI'll have to try and find one and see if they match OHC Briana Joy better. (Yes, that means I'll have to start carrying a doll head with me every time I expect to come close to a toy store.) 


  1. The older articulated Bratz are pretty cool, verses the more wobbly Bratzillaz bodies. I don't have a single OHC so I've no idea how they would match up. Bet it would be cool though.

    I've seen people do the hair plug method of rooting. I always wondered if the plugs would sometimes come out while you were rooting.

    1. I really wish I had discovered them while they were still available in stores... I thought only bratzillaz had articulation, but their proportions always felt a bit off to me.

      The plugs will come out if you pull them individually, but it takes some force (particularly with bigger plugs like 40+ nylon hairs). I haven't tried brushing a tension rerooted head, though, and I'm guessing it wouldn't withstand a kid playing with it.

  2. It looks like you are making great progress on the re-root. Hopefully, if the slight greasy feel is from the Fomula 911, it may wear off as you handle the head.