Steffi Love boots mod

Oh yeah, I actually finished modding those Steffi Love boots. Originally they were fake flats, but I sliced off the soles, hollowed them out to make room for föat feet, then glued them back together. They still only fit articulated Steffi's feet, but at least the proportions don't look as weird. 

All hollowed out and ready for reassembling! I just used whatever glue I happened to have laying around.

The seam split when I rammed her foot down in the boot too carelessly. Oh well, just pour some extra on.

Steffi Love's articulated feet aren't pretty, but they do the trick.

Balancing without problem! 


  1. Very interesting! What tool is that you're using? I wish I could have seen the before picture of the shoe. Were these not her original shoes?

    1. @Katarzyna- Zbieraczka Dziwaczka & Muff: Thanks! How well the glue holds up remains to be seen, though.

      @Ms. Leo: I used an x-acto type knife and a small lino cut gouge. The shoes did fit, but only on high-heel feet, and I thought that was silly since this doll actually has ankle joints. You can see some pics of shoes + tools in my previous posts:



  2. These certainly look more life-like now and I'm sure if they come apart, you can always reglue them.

  3. Neat modification. I don't get the sneakers for high-heeled feet thing either. Shrug. I admire how you fixed the boots so that they fit the dolls foot.

    BTW, that Steffie Love has interesting hair texture.