BeeBee? Dell? Well, whoever she is, she's got a new body

Well, the computer is holding together for now while upgrades/repairs are being planned. At least I have doll pics!


As I mentioned, DeeDee of Barbie and the Rockers fame has a new body! Simba Toys' Super Model Bel turned out to be a very close match. I'm really glad I could find a shorter body for her, since her head is so small!

Neck close up
Sliiiight difference in skin tone, plus a bit of a gap at the neck.
Now, DeeDee and my old childhood favorite Diva are supposed to be bandmates, but since DeeDee is a recent acquisition and none of them are on their original bodies, I don't feel any need to constrain myself to Mattel's characters. Diva of course is still the retired rockstar and divorced mother of two, but who is DeeDee? I haven't even decided on a name for her yet. Hmmm...

(Someone on the forum asked whether a Super Model body would work for rebodying an '80s Skipper, but unfortunately I think Skipper's neck hole is too small. Too bad, because I can imagine there are a few Skippers out there in need of a body, and I'm not sure if there are any good alternatives in the ~25cm range  - Obitsu only comes in pale and paler, after all.) Skipper's clothes hang a bit loose on the Super Model, and Bel's dress only almost closes in the back on Skipper. Might work with larger garments, though.

Wait - when did you get so short?!
Diva is admiring Bel's original clothes and pondering the sudden height difference

Personally I prefer more casual/realistic doll clothes to ~*GLITTER DRESSES*~, but this had a nice and simple cut. The fur stole/fake bolero is the real winner though, that could go with anything! Why the shoes had to be hot pink I have no idea, but I like them so may attempt a repaint. Her feet are smaller and more arched than Liv, so they can't share shoes as I had hoped.

Feet - Liv vs Simba Super Model
Liv vs Super Model
Feet - Simba Super Model
The feet are only hinged, unfortunately.
I forgot to take a good pic, but I have to mention this body has very nice hands: more elegant than Fashionista's and more proportional to the arms (why they gave Fashionista such twiggy forearms I'll never understand).

...and as usual I had to make the worst of her Liv clone waist:

Pose like a Liv!
Weird articulation is better than no articulation!
Comparison shot: '80s Skipper, Super Star Bel/DeeDee and an Obitsu 25cm:

Comparison: Skipper, DeeDee/Bel, Obitsu 25cm
...playing a game of Musical Clothes, I guess? 
I already have way too many dolls on my wish list (whatever happened to that new Year's Resolution?) but I'm actually a bit curious about the other dolls in this line. Maybe if I had another head donor...


  1. Replies
    1. I got her from a seller on German ebay, but that might be inconvenient if you're not in Europe. Maybe RoxanneRoxanne knows of a better alternative?

  2. I'm so glad that this body worked out for you. She looks great!

    1. Thanks! Your comparison pics were really helpful. :)

  3. Yay, pics. The colour difference is barely noticeable particularly once she is clothed and the neck gap isn't obvious in the pictures. She looks really good and amazingly posable.

    1. Thanks! I definitely think the pros outweigh the cons for this body/head combo.