Another articulated Steffi Love

Yes, another one - the new one! I stumbled across a local shop that has a huge online sale on their Steffi stuff. Perfect timing, since I'm not quite broke yet. Immediately ordered a doll with the new articulated body - the one that's basically the same Fashionista/Liv deal as the Super Modebody, except full size (~29cm). The hands and feet on this one aren't as nicely sculpted, but in return she can wear the same shoes as the other dolls (or, at least she has more to choose from than her bigger-footed sisters).

I wish the set came with one of those mannequins, but no: you get a pink toy camera instead.

I'm curious about this one actually, since I'm hoping it cold be an alternative to Fashionista for rebodying older Barbies. Mattel's new tan caucasian skin tone is a bit more neutral beige than my '80s dolls', but I've noticed Steffi dolls tend to be more orange/pink in general. With Cool Kevin I kind of wished he wouldn't be quite such a bright shade of apricot, but he wasn't a body donor. Well, as usual we'll know when she arrives.

...It's funny, I always had Steffi Love down as a pretty boring clone doll - and now all of a sudden there's articulation everywhere, and I'm turning into quite the shill for Simba! The articulation thing probably shouldn't surprise me, since most doll manufacturers seem to have moved in that direction in recent years, but I'm certainly not complaining. :)

(Speaking of tan Caucasian: I'm trying to figure out whether Super Models Juls and Sarah have the same skin tone or not, but for some reason Juls always appears separately from the three in promo pics...)


  1. Awesome! Is the little camera cute at least? XD


  2. That's pretty good articulation. You may have discovered a new body donor now that Liv dolls have gone. The camera is cute but that mannequin would have been wonderful to have. I wonder if you can buy them separately.

  3. I like this doll's fashions, especially the purple and red dress. I haven't seen this one yet, but her counterpart with puppies is orange as fresh peach.

  4. @Heather: It hasn't arrived yet, but it's that big pink thing she's leaning on. (There is another set that comes with a doll-sized camera on a tripod, but of course that doll isn't articulated...)

    @Carrickters: That huge sale actually had me a bit worried these were being discontinued too... I know I've seen other 1/6 manneqins on ebay, at least.

    @IHime: Personally I'm more excited about the pants, since that's what my dolls need more of. Peach sounds about right, I'm just crossing my fingers it's close enough for a match.

  5. I love the pants, too. I mean they are black and stylish. Whoot! Hard to find in playscale sometimes ... things people would actually wear ;-D

    1. The pants are pretty good! They're shiny nylon leggings instead of stretchy jeans (is that "jeggings"?) as I thought, but definitely useful.