DeeDee + Bel = ...Dee? BelBel? I have no idea

Still having a bit of computer trouble, so there won't be any pics today. BUT I think I have a body for DeeDee and I just had to share my joy. Super Model Bel by Simba Toys! Why they had to pick such a generic and ungoogleable name I don't know, but I did manage to find a couple of places that sell them. I wasn't sure but decided to take the risk (it was a good price and hey, worst case scenario I get a new complete doll) and I'm glad I did. The skin tone is very close, a better match than Diva on her Fashionista body, for example. This is a pretty short body, like MH or '80s Skipper, so I'll have to figure out what that means for her character.


  1. Congratulations. Hope you can sort out your computer trouble soon (and then we can see pics and all your updates about your new character or characters).

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the photos.

  3. @Carrickters
    Thanks, I hope I'll get it sorted soon!