A game of musical shoes

Just swapping shoes around to see what fits who (whom?)...

Yay shoes!

I found the Only Hearts Club sneakers again, the ones with the pink shoelaces that stain - and of course they fit, and look ridiculously good too. I should try to find a OHC fashion set with white shoes, before I'm tempted to endanger DeeDee's new feet too... Maybe I could cover the inside with tape or something?

DeeDee/Bel wearing OHC
Obitsushoes up close

The pink Super Model shoes acually fit Obitsu really well - a bit of a surprise since they have such small feet, but the straps keep them in place. It seems to be very much hit-and-miss whether other dolls' shoes will fit Obitsu: one pair might look fine while another for the same doll looks very awkward, just because the ankle strap had a slightly different shape or something.

They even match her dress!
Let's just hope these don't stain too...
(Also I'm trying to figure out a better way to include pictures in posts.)

...and how to take better photos to being with.


  1. I really love the Obitsu shoes, I've never really looked into them before. I've always thought the Lonely Hearts shoes were the best things about those dolls, they had been amazing.


    1. The pink shoes are the ones that came with DeeDee's new body (Simba Super Model), sorry if that was unclear. They just happened to fit the Obitsu's feet.
      The makers of OHC could continue selling just the shoes, they'd make a fortune!

  2. The Super Model shoes are really cute. As for the sneakers, maybe you could try painting the offending laces or section of the laces with clear nail polish - that may creste enough of a barrier to stop the staining.