Steffi stuff!

All my loot from the big Steffi Love sale arrived and I've been meaning to write about it, but I want to take some photos first and I keep forgetting to charge the phone before it gets too dark, so that'll have to wait. Just a few quick observations:
  • The articulated Steffi is very pink - or rather, normal Steffi pink. It might have worked with the head I had in mind, except:
  • this body still has the old Steffi type of neck: a round knob with a molded plate on top. I'm not sure it can be modified to take a Barbie head (in contrast, Super Model has new plate-and-anchor construction which is more or less identical to Mattel's). Articulated Steffi will remain her own doll for now, until I decide whether I need her limbs for someone else.
  • Poseability is basically like Fashionista but with a Liv-style waist instead. Plus for turning, minus for the usual visual weirdness.
  • Elbow joint folds further than Fashionista. Not quite as much as Liv, but can at least attempt to cross arms over chest. Wrists don't bend as far, but that could easily be fixed.
  • For some reason can't hold her arms straight out to the sides. It's either slightly up or slightly down. Odd.
  • The clothes and shoes (3 pairs, PINK.) aren't much to write home about, except the pants which are simple but nice.
  •  Ugly feet. The Super Star body wins that one. Actually, I can't think of any doll I own that has uglier feet than this body. 

Also I finally got the Scary Couple set, since it was half price, which is about what I feel they're worth. The only arrived today so I haven't had a chance to give them a thorough look yet - but if you're getting them, beware: they are both wearing dark clothing and both of mine had stains. The Kevin fortunately only had a couple light ones, but the Steffi had a few bad ones on her bendy gumby arms.

The good news is that her head seems to match Volks skintone quite well! I was going to rebody her anyway and was thinking of an Obitsu, but the normal/fleshtone is too pink and the neck is too narrow to look good. There's still the fact that her head has lots of space for the round knob, so the Volks neck connector doesn't quite reach the lip inside the head. I'll have to improvise a bigger adaptor, but that shouldn't be impossible.


  1. I look forward to seeing your photos of this jointed couple. The Scary Female is available in the U.S. I hope that Kevin also gets sold over here. Crossing my fingers.

    Thanks for this information!

  2. Me too! This is some very good info and I'd like to see the corresponding pics.

  3. D7ana, Muff: Pics are coming, as soon as I've managed to take some where you can actually see what's going on... :P