Steffi Love shoe fashion set

Steffi Love shoe fashion set! A complete impulse buy, but you can always use more shoes, right?

(Don't worry, that's not dollars!) 

As you can see the heels are all different heights, so I assume they're intended for the newer articulated Steffi Love with ankle joints. (The old articulated Steffi body has articulated ankles too, but those feet are bigger and flattet, more like Liv's.)

I wanted to see if any of them might fit my other dolls too, and since the price was about half of what those Barbie accessory sets cost (and you only get two pairs with those), I felt I could afford to experiment!

I already have two of the yellow pair, except pink. Why couldn't these have been black??

I was hoping maybe the lavender pair would fit Anastasia or Skipper (who both have those semi-high heeles feet that are really hard to find shoes for), but they were too small. 

Only one pair fit Fashionista: the pink and straw wedges. It's not a perfect fit, but she can balance without problem. I was hoping the green pair would fit (because look at those heels!), but those were sliiiiighty higher. 

Left: Kara, right: Kenya

(Both the green and the pink pair kind of fit the slightly wider and shorter classic Barbie feet, seen here on SiS Kara and Kenya. The green ones are still too high, but as long as the doll is sitting down they look ok.)

Liv is about to fall over here.

The cowboy boots were HUGE. They're hollow almost all the way into the toe, so there's some wiggle room for different types of feet, but Liv can't stretch her ankles enough and risks tipping over forward. Old articulated Steffi can, but both of their feet are too wide and make the sides bulge out. 

Obitsu wore them best - even better than Steffi herself (whose narrower feet couldn't quite keep the boots from slipping off). They're still comically oversized, but they do stay on and she can balance in them.

Of course, she IS an Obitsu. I'd expect her to balance in anything.

The boxer boots are actually high heels pretending to be flats, which is just silly (particularly since articulated Steffi CAN wear flats). Since there's an obvious line where the sole starts, I'm considering slicing them off, hollowing the shoes out, then gluing them back together. 

Old articulated Steffi and Liv. Nope and nope. 

The pink slippers didn't really look good on anyone, not even Steffi. Oh well.

Actually I'm not sure "slippers" is the right word here. They do keep slipping off, though.

In conlusion, I'm a bit disappointed none of them fit the dolls I was hoping for, but at least Steffi has all the shoes she'll ever need now, and as a bonus both fashionista and Obitsu got a pair each. Also: cheap! 

Hey! Come back with my shoes!


  1. The pink slippers are ugly but the pink and straw wedges and the blue and green pair definitely make up for them. Do the boxer boots fit Steffi? The pink front section looks almost Victorian in inspiration. Looks like Steffi has a great shoe wardrobe now.

    1. Yep, Steffi can wear all of them, except some tend to slip off (none as bad as the pink pair, though). She was definitely the winner here.