Fridge Detective Report

Short post! I've been trying to find out where that thrift store fridge is from, and while I still don't know the brand I did find one on ebay. This one is blue and comes (used) with a kitchen section that I'm pretty sure is the same as the one I passed up at the thrift store, except pink. 

Amazingly enough, I also found a blog post where not only can you get a better look at the kitchen utilities, but also the S-shaped table + chair/stool I didn't want either. Looks like they were a set after all. Why the fridge is so much cooler (heh) and more realistic than the other parts is anyone's guess, but I'm glad I didn't have to buy the whole lot to get it. So, possibly Bratz, possibly dollarstore I guess. (Whatever did we do before Internet existed??) 


  1. Before the internet I spent a lot of time just sitting down and watching TV. Now I stream my television programs on my computer while I multitask.

    I also used to spend A LOT of time in the library before internet. Now I use internet to download books to my kindle and phone - and read the books while I'm watching the TV programs on the PC at the same time, lol.

    I love you internet!

  2. And also before the internet existed, we didn't know of the existence of all these other collectors who share our interest and do interesting things. Great research on the fridge though - I'm sure you'll find out more soon.

  3. Before the internet not only weren't we able to find things we wanted, but we weren't able find the great people to go with them with similar interests! :-)