EAH are expensive, Wild Girls are... kind of ugly, I complain

Or, Yet Another (Window) Shopping Fairytale.

It took a while, but Ever After High has (have?) finally, definitely, arrived. Unfortunately, it looks like every chain is going with the same high prices as the first online store that got them. TRU had the basics, Getting Fairest, and Legacy Day, with the two former at exactly the same price. Wasn't getting fairest supposed to be the simpler, slightly cheaper line, or did I miss something? There isn't that much plastic in that little accessory stand thingy they come with, is there?

Meanwhile, Amazon.co.uk have lowered their prices! Most dolls are about £15 +shipping, which I still haven't managed to figure out how to calculate so I'm not sure whether it would be worth it - BUT the Ella/Huntsman set is marked down to about £26, which is not only less than one doll costs here, but also enough to qualify for free shipping inside EU (at least I think so)!

So, a pretty good deal. Sadly, my funds are limited, and when it comes down to it I decided I don't want Hunter that bad (and I have no use for Ella unless I can do some serious modification of her neck for a Mattel head). So instead I'll wait for a sale and then I'll probably grab a basic Raven. Maddie is nice, but I mostly want her for the unique body, so I'll wait for a budget version that doesn't have polka dot hands. 

I hardly ever go to Toys-R-Us because it's pretty far out of the way, and the bus fare gets pretty expensive. I like to go now and then, though: it's fun for a change and there might be a sale. There's a bunch of other big stores out there, like IKEA, so I'll usually try to kill as many flies as I can with one bus ticket (as it were). When I went there on Friday it was mainly to check out Smaller And Less Well-Known Toy Chain That Doesn't Have An Online Catalog so that you pretty much have to go there physically to see what they have (just like in the olden days!). 

I stumbled across one of their stores last year and found the Simba Super Models there at a great price, as well as a pretty good selection of Steffi and Kevin Love, and now I was hoping to find a Super Model Sarah to rebody a floating head on. No such luck. This chain sells all kinds of kid and baby stuff, and for some reason I thought this was their main store and so would be fully stocked, but no: not only was it smaller than the other two I've been to, it was mainly focused on cribs and strollers. Bummer. 

The single doll shelf didn't offer much of interest. Only two super models left, overpriced and not the one I was after. For some reason they had a bunch of Wild Girls, which is one of my least favorite Monster High clones. They actually look more like Bratz, with the same huge shoes and no articulation. I don't know why anyone would want one (especially not after seeing the price tag), but I'm not a fan of either Bratz of Bratzillaz either so maybe I'm missing something?

This one had pretty ok accessories and a classic goth dress with trumpet sleeves (which my camera didn't manage to capture properly). 

Also: little red horns! The twisted reflections of baby dolls in the plastic really add something, don't you think? 

I've seen this butterfly Barbie around but never had a closer look. I don't know about you, but when I think "butterfly" I definitely think "huge motor backpack". Wonder if it runs on diesel?

All was not disappointment, though. IKEA on a Friday night turned out to be nice and empty, and even though I didn't find a desk lamp I liked I only had to queue for about 30 seconds. 


  1. Those Wild Girls dolls would leave me puzzled why plastic was sacrificed to produce that line. I mean. ewwww ...

    The butterfly Barbie is cute - if common Barbie-pretty - but I agree with you about the bulky backpack contraption. What does it run on?

    I don't recognize the Smaller And Less Well-Known Toy Chain That Doesn't Have An Online Catalog. I hope new stuff moves your way soon: Toy Fair 2014 offerings should be launching in another month or so. Perhaps the doll or dolls of your dreams will be in that set?

  2. I am of the minority, I'm sure, but I like that Wild Girls doll. Okay, not her face or body, but I like the dress and horns. Those are cute!

  3. @D7ana I think Smaller And Lesser Well-Known... etc is exlusively Scandinavian, maybe that's why? :D As for toy news, I definitely don't need to add any more dolls to my wishlist...

    There's probably a movie about Butterfly Motor Barbie, maybe everything is explained there?

    @Muff Agree, if it had been cheaper I might have bought it for the dress. Maybe the horns could be rehomed on a MH head?