Less surfing more painting

My modem died suddenly and unexpectedly last week, and even though the phone company sent out the replacement right away I still ended up spending the weekend without Internet access - or Walking Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, as I assume kids today call it. Actually it turned out to be a good thing: I got to spend some time acquainting myself with the drawing app on my phone without the constant temptation of quicker and easier entertainment, and I actually made another attempt at a face-up. Still not there, but looking better. I've been looking at some good tutorials too, and that along with getting into digital painting for a few days was really good for finding a better approach. Lots of small, transparent lines seems to do the trick. 

(Sorry about the pupil-less WIP of horror.)

There's still a long way to go, but I'm beginning to get a feel for it. Up close it's still pretty messy, so I'm thinking maybe I should get a loupe - a cheap, weak-ish one should do it. (Don't tell me it's time for bifocals already - I'm not that old!) 

I'm not sure about this Liquitex brush-on varnish either. The paint (mainly Liquitex Ink!) seems to be staining through it, at least faintly. It's ok for practice, but I'll have to find a better solution before I start on the real projects. That most likely means MSC and a respirator, and I'd like to keep it simple and non-intimidating for now. 


  1. LOL, when my internet is down I literally act like I'm in the dark ages with nothing to do... even though my phone has its own internet access.

    Putting down the whites of the eyes is half the battle. Looks like a good start to me.

  2. This is something I want to do one day so I will watch your progress. :-) Would this website be helpful to you? http://www.squidoo.com/Repaint-a-doll

  3. I can't wait to see more in-progress pics... Yup, we're forced back to more primitive forms of entertainment when the internet goes out XD

  4. @muff you know, sometimes I wish I could forget my phone has internet access... As it turns out, the whites was the easy part!

    @the grandmommy Just don't get your hopes up! :D I'm actually looking at as many tutorials as I can right now, so everything helps. (Seems like she wants you to buy her book to get the details, though?)

    @heather well to be fair, digital painting isn't that primitive! :) I'm always reluctant to go back to physical paint and brushes after getting used to how convenient and non-messy it is.

  5. You certainly used your extra time well. I'm looking forward to your next photos,.