The Quest for Stretchy Fabric

Winter has made a comeback the last few days, but still I ventured out today. Mostly for groceries, but I also took the opportunity to check out the "cheap-socks-and-underwear aisle" for some fabrics suitable for 1/6 scale clothes. That's right - instead of finishing my sewing project I'm planning for the next one! My excuse is the more fabric I have, the more likely I am to actually make something with it, instead of hesitating because it's The Last Stretchy White Cotton In The World and I'll Waste And/Or Ruin It! It's perfectionism vs shopaholicism, I guess, and I wish I'd only resolved to fight one of them this year...

The socks weren't much to write home about, but I found some kids' panties with a pretty cool skull/heart pattern that are so perfect for Monster High, they could almost be a copyright infringement. They came in packs of three, sadly only one patterned and the other two in solid colors. A bit expensive too, so I only bought one. At least I got some black stretch fabric too, that's always good to have on hand.

Skulls and cell phones and hearts, oh my!

I also found this pair of shiny nylon shorts with a cell phone print. Cell phones! It's just so weird, I had to have them, and luckily they were on sale. Lots of fabric too (XL), so my entire doll crowd will be wearing Cell Phone Couture this year. Yeah, I know: when sewing for dolls you should try to find patterns that fit the scale, but come on - who wouldn't want to walk around wearing huge cell phones!? I know I would.

I'd like to use the lace hem for a sleeve or something.
Finally I got another pair of their nylon mesh panties. Terrible underwear, great doll fabric. The last pair is now half a MH dress that's awaiting my decision re: shoulder straps in a drawer somewhere. These have a sort of fall color theme going on - great for a Barbie blouse with lots of ruffles! I'll put them away until the end of summer and see if any ideas have crystallized by then.

So that was my day, I guess. :)

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