Darren's New Sweater, part 2 of at least 3

Plugging away on the sweater. So far I've got the collar hem mostly attached. This is the second attempt - at first I forgot to stretch the fabric as I attached it and the collar ended up sticking straight up. Not the look I had in mind. 

Stitch the stretchy blue stuff to the white stuff...

...fold it over...

...fasten with a second seem... 
...aaaaand almost done! Next: The Difficult Bit
This is supposed to be a v-neck, so next I have to try and stitch the two ends of the hemming together at an angle... while keeping them slightly stretched... and trying to make it look good... Yes, I'm procrastinating a bit. Maybe tomorrow!

This pic of Darren showing off The Sweater So Far refused to show up for some reason. C'mon Darren, it's not that bad!

Also, I should probably read up a bit on English sewing terminology so I'll be able to actually describe what I'm doing. Then again, since my sewing knowledge basically amounts to "sew this thingy to that thingy and try to make it look good somehow", I feel like specialist terms would look a bit out of place here. :D I might have to actually learn how to sew first... (The horror...)

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