Canvas sneakers for Ken!

When I said I would scale down on the doll stuff shopping, I didn't include shoes!


I've wanted these canvas sneakers for a while. Originally I wanted red, but then GoodStuffToGo had the blue version for about half price (closing sale! :( ). There is a male and female model, but they're action figure sized, and according to the pictures I saw the male shoes are HUGE even for action figure shoes. The female model is about 4 cm and looked like it might fit Ken or other male fashion dolls.

They come with a bag and box, which I knew would probably get beat up in the mail, but I don't care. It's patina!

The socks have pretty thick printed strips that stretched and cracked a bit when I pulled them over Liv's heels. Ken doesn't need them, but they fit Monster High pretty well!

(Cheap unarticulated Ken, but I think the feet are the same, more realistic mold as, say, Fashionista.)

Some random comparisons:

Action Man's and Triad Omega's feet are too wide!

Ballerina Barbies feet are too small!

Compared to the "micro sneakers" for fun.

Some of the eyelets don't line up. Also I think the skull logo ended up on the wrong side, but I can live with that. I looked, and the logo seems to be exactly where intended, although I have to wonder if it wouldn't look better placed on the other side? The glue residue looks bad but that's mainly due to the camera settings.

These would probably fit more 1/6 scale male fashion dolls if they weren't so narrow! Is it just me or do action figure shoes generally have a pretty odd length/width ratio? They always make the feet look super long.

Re: scaling, I remember reading a complaint somewhere about the neck on the Omega body being too long. Someone suggested this was deliberate, to allow for several layers of clothing made of not-quite-1/6-scale fabric without making the neck look too short. That's actually pretty good thinking: some things need to be tweaked in order to look good in 1/6 scale, and I'm wondering if there could be a similar reason for the extra-long and narrow shoes. Can't think what it might be, though, but someone who owns more than three action figures might know?

These are probably the nicest shoes any of my dolls own. I kind of wish I had bought two pairs while I was at it, but like I said they only had blue left and I've only got one doll who can wear them anyway... I might save up for a red pair from the Bay of E sometime, though.


  1. Nice shoes? More like amazing shoes! I have never seen shoes so realistic. What a great purchase.

    1. I agree, I just wish I could afford more pairs! And that they came in a size that fit Barbie.

  2. I love these shoes! I have a whole list of tennis shoes I've been meaning to buy. They keep getting pushed down on the must have list.

    1. I had these on my list for a long time too, then I found them on sale and decided it was meant to be. :) Any other you'd recommend? Monsi Toys sneakers are nice, but look too big for Ken.