Sneakers that fit Liv: Only Hearts Club

They were selling the last Only Hearts Club dolls for 50% off, so I thought "why not?". (And although I know perfectly well why not, I went ahead and bought one anyway.)

They're poseable cloth body dolls and the little booklet calls them "wholesome" and "age-appropriate" several times. I think the target group is "parents who want wholesome dolls for their kids", which ...isn't really me (and the way I remember it, Barbie's relative lack of "wholesomeness" and "age-appropriateness" was the whole point for me as a kid), but I read The Toybox Philosopher's review and thought the realistic face sculpt was pretty cool, and I so wanted one for the collection.

Only Hearts Club sneakers - staining
Yes yes, but what about the sneakers?!?

She doesn't fit very well with the rest, though, and I haven't decided what to do with her yet (keep as is? Rebody? Pass on to my friend's kid when she's old enough?) BUT I did discover that she comes with very nice sneakers that look really good on Liv! Liv has sneakers of her own, of course, but they're hard plastic and pretty clumsy (the pair I have and the ones I've seen). These are squishy rubber and pretty realistic!

Liv vs Only Hearts Club
Left: Liv, Right: Only Hearts Club. The pink sneakers are Liv's.

If I get around to buying more shoes for the Liv body, I think I'll try to find another pair of OHC shoes rather than some of Liv's own. There are a few OHC fashion packs on the 'bay (although nobody offers reasonable shipping to faraway exotic EU at the moment). I'm not sure whether the other shoes would fit, but a few of them come with sneakers in different colors (seems like the same model, though). These have pink yarn for shoelaces that unfortunately has stained the rubber and the doll's feet a bit, but a white pair should be safe.

Liv and Only Hearts Club
They're so wholesome they don't need pants!


  1. Thanks for posting this! It's a bit annoying to find a variety of shoes for my Liv girls, so I guess I'll be on the lookout for OHC shoes.

  2. This is too cool! I love the laces on them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @verona: Glad you found it useful! I don't know if other OHC shoe models would work on Liv, you'll have to tell us if you try it.

    @Muff: Thanks! Just be careful with the laces - they stained the shoes AND the doll's feet in the box.

  4. Thanks for this information. The OH doll footwear can also do for Momoko dolls.

    The OH fashions can be used on some 8" dolls as well; my Grandma Walton wears a denim OH fashion. She looks great in it.

    1. Just watch out for staining from the shoestrings! I soaked the whole shoes in hot water with vinegar and salt, and they still managed to stain Liv's feet a bit after maybe a week on.