LPS Blythe, tiny '80s heart prints, and the cruel fate of well-loved dolls

So while I contemplate a possible blog move/duplicate, I'll keep double-posting my latest thrift store finds here and on Flickr.

The Kid Kore doll from last month has been washed and detangled and has a new hairdo. Her hair had frizzy ends and I had just bought a set of cheap colorful hair accessories, so I decided braids was the best option. She needs a dress to match but I've been too lazy to make one.

Kid Kore Katie - new hairdo
Reminds me of those early '90s United Colors of Benetton Barbies

The hip joints on this doll are hideous, but I kind of like that the design is so no-nonsense. Doll needs to be able to sit? No problem, we'll just slice of a bit of plastic - BAM, done. And, well, she does sit better than many other dolls with more esthetically pleasing joints, so... 

Kid Kore Katie hip joint
Function over form!

Here's a surprise from the bargain bin: a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe! I think she's called Tokyo Tea something or other. I've been able to resist Blythe so far, but she was in such good shape, with only slightly tousled hair, and with actual clothes! and shoes! that can be removed!! that I decided to add her to my collection.

LPS Blythe!
So cute!

 I think her outfit is adorable, although I wish she could have flat feet so she could stand properly. (Not that she'd be able to anyway with that head.)

LPS Blythe shoes
Tiny feet, tiny shoes.

Also found a first edition Rockers Diva that was way too expensive, but her hair was in pretty good shape and she had some of her original clothes (and I thought that orange vinyl belt buckle was really cool), and I've gotten it in my head that I ought to hoard Diva molds whenever they appear. Now I realize I'm not at all a fan of the makeup on the 1st ed dolls - I was going to say something about repaint, but we all know how that ends up, right? She's on a fashionista body now and doesn't fit in her original outfit, but Betty does:

1st edition Diva outfit
I don't know how that belt works, but come on: orange vinyl!

For some reason I've found a lot of romantic '80s outfits with little prints lately. I considered gathering them all in one photo for Valentine's day, but then I got lazy. Anyway, here's two of them:

Thrift store outfit
Usually the edges curl the other way

This lavender set has tiny printed hearts and one of those big '80s collars of flocked syntetic material that always curls up on itself after washing it in hot water, unless you carefully press it while it dries. Which I didn't. I don't know what the deal is, but I have at least three Barbie dresses/shirts with this type of collar. The blouse and skirt itself are made of a rather course cotton. It could have been home made, except there's a tag (MADE IN CHINA). The stripes on the skirt may have been white originally, but they still kind of match the buttons.

Cute heart skirt

Aya is wearing the heart print skirt that I found laying all by its lonesome in one of the doll bins last month. It's not usually you find good doll clothes on their own at goodwill, and I've never really figured out whether it's ok to buy them separately - most likely they fell off some doll, but usually it's impossible to tell which one since they're all wearing pretty much whatever, or nothing at all. There's a lot of wear and tear on the toys at thrift stores, particularly since kids don't really understand the concept of "toys everywhere! except you're not allowed to play with them" and parents often don't seem to care. Sometimes I'll see a doll with missing legs and no clothes that was whole and dressed the week before.

I just read PlastigFfantastig's post about the tiny handmade fashion magazine from the '60s she found in an eBay lot, and it got me thinking about the fate of thrift store dolls in home-made clothes. Lately I've spotted a few dolls that I kind of feel like I should have saved for posterity, even though they're not my usual type. Usually it's a cheap knock-off doll, the kind with hollow plastic "bubble" limbs and no stamp, and with hopelessly cut or frizzled hair, and with clothes made by kids or at least not someone who's good with a sewing machine. Unhemmed edges, big stitches, will probably fall apart if you try to remove it. Not pretty, but it's obvious that someone loved that doll, even though the monetary value may not be very high. Usually when I see dolls like that I take a photo if convenient, but since I don't have unlimited money or space I don't buy them. And then I come back a week later and someone's tried to pull off the dress and torn the legs off in the process. That usually makes me sad, and I'm starting to think maybe those dolls would be more worth collecting than just another Fashionista body for the ever-growing rebody pile. A sociologist might find those dolls quite interesting.


  1. I have to admit I like that purple 80s dress, but then I wore clothes like that back in the day.

  2. I like that little Blythe. Is her eye shadow original or you think someone added it?

  3. Those are some great finds!

    And I'm impressed that the mini Blythe and the Diva still had all those clothes/accessories.

  4. @Barb the Evil Genius Haha, I was too young to remember the fashion, but I can easily imagine the adults around me wearing something similar.

    @Muff She's adorable, isn't she? The eye shadow is original.

    @jSarie Yeah, I was surprised too - my 1987 Diva's clothes are in tatters! I will be forever grateful to kids who don't like dolls. :)

  5. That little Blythe is a lovely find and so are the clothes. As for all the dolls bundled up for sale in thrift shops I think the very favourite dolls are often kept. I know I still have my first Barbie.