Clone doll jewelry store play set (thrift store find)

The thing is, I've got a whole bunch of cool thrift store finds I've been putting off posting about, since all the photos I take somehow end up looking like crap. But in the end I decided this thing was too good to not share, so you'll just have to bear with me.

Thrift store find!
Ooh how exciting!
Jewelry store/beauty salon
There's three separate pieces, I just pushed them together to fit in the frame.
It's some kind of... jewelry store? Beauty salon? Dressing room? I'm not quite sure actually, but it has so many of the things I love in doll furniture. Working lights! Oddly designed jewelry! Even more oddly designed compartments to hold the jewelry! Actually sort of looks like a believable room! This is probably the best thing I've found in a long time in a thrift store - and it was reasonably priced, too! (I will never understand their pricing policy, in fact I don't think it can ever be comprehended by any human mind.)

Oh yeah, working lights:

Jewelry store - lights!
For once the awful lighting conditions work in my favor!
It's those two things by the mirror - I forgot to take a close-up, but they're like little sconces with facet cut "glass" shades. Very tasteful! I'm thinking the mirror section could actually look great on its own in a dollhouse or diorama.

Jewels! And... stuff.
For a sale, it's surprisingly tidy.
There's all sorts of weird jewelry: a couple of tiaras, necklaces, different kinds of Also there's a bag that doesn't open and a pair of fake human-size make-up brushes (one of which are missing in this picture). Why? Who knows. They remind me a bit of the fake make-up set I had as a child: a white and pink compact with plastic squares in different pink shades to rub the little plastic brush on. At the time I think I was vaguely annoyed that it was such a pointless toy (it could have had watercolor in it at least!), but as an adult I love weird fake toy versions of real things. There's also that golden comb, and that... bottle-looking thingy, which I think is supposed to be a perfume bottle? Except the carefully designed compartment has it placed upside down, plus it opens in half but it doesn't seem to be actually good for anything. I've decided it's actually a hip flask, for the poor unfortunate soul that gets dragged along to watch you try on jewelry for hours.

The jewelry itself isn't actually super useful: personally I'm not a fan of this kind of fantasy style 1/6 jewelry, and the shape of the necklaces is a bit off (or made to fit a particular clone doll?) so they don't always lie flat around the doll's neck. But there's one or two I like, and the earrings with the green jewels (well, stickers) are pretty cute, although I'll have to double-check the pins for sharp plastic edges that could tear the earholes before I use them on a doll.

Another fun feature is that the hair clips come with replaceable parts, for whatever reason. It is a pretty odd choice, and it makes them extra big and clumsy, but I like the idea in all its ridiculousness.

Jewelry transformers!
Why? Well, why not?
Also, all the little jewelry parts have their own little place that's made just for them, except they're designed more for show than for convenient storage, which is one of those typical breaks in realism you get with this kind of playline furniture. It does make it pretty easy to determine exactly what's missing, though.

As usual, I marvel at the fact that pretty much all the accessories are still there. There's only one or two missing - yes, I know there's more missing in the picures, but that's because I lost them while I was unpacking, cleaning and setting it up to take the pictures! And I still haven't found the little pink clothes hanger you can see in the first picture. So no, I don't really understand these children who don't lose their toys, but I will be forever grateful to them for eventually donating the intact playsets to goodwill, giving me a chance to lose the little earrings instead. Thank you, whoever you are!

I don't have a definitive ID yet, but I actually came across a picture of a very similar set completely by accident. This is by toomanypictures1/Susan Hall on Flickr:

Identification help please?
It's basically the same set, but a slightly different version: mine doesn't come together into one unit like this, and instead of the floor thing each separate section has its own lavender-colored socket. Someone in the comments suggests it's from a clone doll line called Fashion Corner/Lucky Dolls, but I haven't been able to google up any useful info on them. Come to think of it, I feel like I've seen a similar set sold for Jenny or Licca dolls, but I may be mistaken. Anyway, if you know where it's from I'd appreciate any info.

A clue...?
This "C&M" stamp on one of the necklaces is the only marking.

(There's a couple more photos at my flickr.)


  1. I LOVE this set (as I said on flickr earlier) and i LOVE such dramatic jewelry, your dolls are so lucky :)

  2. What a fun find! That's a great set piece to have.

  3. Whoa, that is cool! What a special find.

  4. Congrats on that neat find! It reminds me of the Hone Sweet Home line carried by K B Toys and Big Lots! years ago. (Big Lots! might still carry this line.)

    Jenny's Revlon playset has a different set up, but I think Jenny had a "generic" salon as well. I'll check my booklets.

    Toys R Us via their Geoffrey line also had fun playsets. I'll see if I can find my Shopping Mall.

  5. WOW! Wonderful! I have never seen this set. Too Cute! It is a great find.

  6. Thanks, everyone! This is probably one of my best finds in a long time, and I'm glad you like it too.

    @D7ana That Revlon playset isn't too bad either, but I'm pretty sure I've seen something similar to this one as well. Please let me know if you find something interesting!

  7. Excellent find! I'm fascinated by all the accessories!

  8. What an amazing set! I can't believe it isn't missing a bunch of pieces!

  9. Wow, what a great set and with so many fascinating pieces. You will eventually find the pieces you've lost and by then, you may have lost other pieces - at least, that's the way it seems to work at my house.

  10. I used to have this set, or at least, the set that came together as one unit. The only thing more that I remember, than what you've shown, is that mine was sold by an American department store called JC Penney. I believe it was pictured in a catalog around 1998 or 1999.

  11. This is a truly wonderful find. I think it's a jewelry shop and I'm mesmerised by all the bling and a mirror with working lights. There isn't even one place to hunt for doll stuff at my place. At least I can admire what you found:)

  12. This is a great find! I love the way the chair is in the middle so she can see all of the fine jewelry and such!

  13. Thanks for your comments!
    @carrickters Yeah, that sounds familiar... :D
    @Barb the Evil Genius Hmm, another clue...
    @ToTylkoJa Sorry to hear that! I often feel the same way when I read about other people's cool finds, but then once in a while I come across something like this.