Easy Rider Kevin Love by Simba on German ebay

This isn't much of a post, but I just found this ad for a used 1980s Easy Rider Kevin Love on German ebay. And in case you're wondering why I thought that worthy of a post, here's what this guy looks like:

Easy Rider Kevin nrfb
Photo by farmspeedracer on flickr

Pretty much the most hilarious doll ever made. Apparently there was a whole tribe of them.

Steffi Love Booklet: Easy Rider Dolls
Photo by farmspeedracer on flickr

Sadly, the seller won't ship outside Germany, but at least you can go look at a few better photos of him for about five more days. And you really should, because his chaps are a thing to behold.


  1. He is... interesting, I guess? I kinda like Steffies from this series, their clothes may be worth something.

    1. Well, he sure is *something*, at least. Personally I think the contrast between the cute old-style Steffi face and the leather biker outfits is really funny.

  2. I've never seen one of those before - definitely weird, but interesting as well.

  3. Oh, they are so precious with their "lil" bad selves, lol. Is he articulated? So earnestly going for cool ...

  4. @jSarie He is pretty weird, but if I had a chance I'd definitely buy him!

    @D7ana I know, right? He couldn't frighten grandma - in fact, she'd be delighted if he dropped by for tea, lol

    I didn't want to steal the ebay photos, but the ad is still up - no articulation, I'm afraid!