Super short post to avoid another hiatus

Today I:

• put some glue on two floppy elbow joints. Much tighter now, but lots of residue. Will have to tidy them up tomorrow. 

• bought a Bratzillas fashion set on sale. Very nice shoes, too big for Simba Super Models but almost perfect for MH! I know someone said they were, but I at least expected the angle to be a bit off. Might have to go back for more. 

• Rooted a few plugs with the reroot tool I made yesterday. It's a lot easier than the knot method or needle and thread, which I've tried a little bit. Subject is thrift store Alan with terrible hair, whose head just refused to budge. He only has plug holes on top, so I think he may have had long hair originally. He'a getting short grey hair, although I have no idea how to cut-and-style it to make it look good. Maybe give him a '90s bowl cut like my Generation Girl Blaine? (That would of course mean they're related. Barbie genetics is pretty simple.)

Rerooting will continue tomorrow. Now: bedtime! 


  1. What is this reroot tool you speak of?!

    1. It's basically a sewing needle with the tip of the eye cut off so you get two prongs, then you use it to grip strands of hair and push them through the holes in the scalp. It's a lot quicker than other methods, but not quite as secure I think (unless you glue the inside afterwards). I used the tutorial at dollyhairs.com.

    2. I mean dollyhair.com
      Lots of other sites have tutorials, too.