New year new goals

Did I mention how annoyed I am at the lack of features in the Blogger app? I did? Oh, okay then. 

So it's a new year (soon) and I'm thinking about resolutions, specifically doll related. I seem to recall I promised to buy less, make more, and finally do some repaints during 2013. Well, that didn't really... happen, did it? Now, I could just recycle that resolution, but I think that would be a mistake. 

Instead, for next year I promise to accept that yes, sometimes I just want to buy pretty things, and yes, it's okay to have a hobby that isn't always about being creative and productive. I think that's probably a healthier approach in the long run. (The trick to a good New Year's resolution is to only promise things you definitely can and want to do. I also promise to occasionally eat pizza and to buy more socks. I did get socks for Christmas, of course, but you can always use more socks.)  

I also promise to acually post my doll pics instead of leaving them to gather metaphorical dust on my phone. This blog I found yesterday does their Monster High reviews in pictures only, which I thought was pretty refreshing (of course, that requires knowing how to take good photos!). Here's Dance Class Howleen: 

(That's also my excuse for not having any pics in this post: the new year hasn't started yet!)


  1. LOL, I quite enjoyed this post. I tried making resolutions in the past - it never worked out. I don't even bother anymore. I now just have goals. Sometimes I reach them, but when I don't, I don't knock myself out about it.

  2. Oooh, thanks for the link!

    I've made some resolutions this year... I predict failure, but oh well, I'll give it a go. LOL. I like your resolution to maybe eat some pizza throughout the year XD

  3. These all sound achievable, particularly the pizza and socks goals. You sound like you are being very realistic this year. I hope you buy some pretty things and share them with us.

  4. @Muff I try to think like that too, but there's still something about a new year...

    @Heather You can't go wrong with pizza, right? :D

    @Carrickters Having a blog is actually a very good excuse for buying fun stuff...