What I Learned About Staining (That I Should Have Known Already)

It will stain. Yes, it will. *

If it's black, blue, pink, or even a light lavender shade that couldn't possibly do any damage, it will stain. Cotton, synthetic, some unholy mix, or just plain plastic - as soon as you turn your back, it will deposit its surplus dye into the plastic of your poor dolls and then they'll never be able to go shirtless again.

And that's what I learned today!

* Except when it won't! But you won't know until it's too late.


  1. Also, if you put a vinyl doll in a bag in which there is a plastic bag with sharpie writing on the outside of it, it will find the vinyl doll, it will rub against the vinyl doll, and it will stain it foreeeeever!