Clawdeen + DeeDee = Deedeen?

I went to the toy store yesterday and actually remembered to bring DeeDee's head along, '80s hair and all. Turns out I was wrong about her skintone: she isn't darker than Fashionistas Nikki, just a different, more neutral shade - Nikki looks almost orange by comparison. That's one possible donor struck off the list, then.

It's probably just as well, since DeeDee has a really small head. It's small even compared to other older Barbies - in fact, I'm pretty sure it's even smaller than Diva's (although why I have no idea) and hers is just barely big enough to not look weird on the Fashionista body. I wanted to avoid that with DeeDee, but since AA dolls are pretty scarce here and color matching via online photos and forum advice can be a bit of a lottery, I might have settled for a Nikki body if the match was reasonably good.

Anyway... on my way out I passed the MH aisle, and suddenly thought of Clawdeen - and what do you know, an almost perfect match!  

A match?
Not that you can tell from the photo. But, hey: hair!

Great, the question is: do I actually want to put DeeDee on a Monster body? I like that it's slightly shorter and smaller, but... arched back? Huge feet? Claw hands? I'm not sure that's the look I had in mind for DeeDee. On the other hand, this could be the final excuse I need to get that Werewolf sisters pack off eBay. I only want Howleen and don't really care for Clawdeen's purple hair - a perfect guillotine victim!

Of course, if I behead Clawdeen and give her body to DeeDee... poor Howleen will be left without a sister, and that's just too sad.


  1. Ah yes, the eternal debate... to behead or not to behead XD

    Of course, you could probably send the Clawdeen head off to a customizer, if you happen to know one (or play with it yourself if you've wanted to give it a go. I think the claw hands will be amusing on deedee XD... although maybe not quite fitting. I don't know. What kind of girl is she? XD

    Anyhow, new follower here! I found your blog through Vanessa :)

    Feel free to stop by mine (It's in its infancy)

    1. Poor repainted Clawdeen would still be without a body, though... but I could use her as a practice head, of course.

      Glad you like my blog, I'll definitely check out yours!

  2. It is a hard question to decide, isn't it? I guess some of it comes down to - how much do you like Clawdeen? If you reall only like Howleen, then the set gives you her plus the extra body. (and Howleen looks like she has enough attitude to cope totally on her own.) Muff has done some posts on rebodying and one of her rebodies was onto a Clawdeen from memory so you could always go back through her archives to see what you think of the look she achieved. I'll admit I like Monster High dolls but that arched back - if I was their mother I would have sent them to a doctor long ago.

    1. You know, you're probably right about Howleen. :D
      I think I'll keep Clawdeen in mind as a backup plan, but keep looking for a better option. I could only find Muff's post on rebodying a Clawdeen head, I'll have another look.

  3. I'm glad i'm not the only person who carries around doll heads.

    1. I suspect there are more of us out there than anybody suspects... :D