Other people's posts: Once Upon A Zombie and #NoMoreGlueHeads

Today I don't have anything of interest to post, but luckily there are others who do.

Good news: Once Upon A Zombie has apparently been un-discontinued, which I guess you already know if you follow their facebook. I didn't, but luckily ChristinaArticulates wrote a post about it - apparently there's a book/web series/something else that isn't dolls coming out, and there's a promo campaign where you can win dolls and stuff if you're American. The rest of us will have to wait, but at least this means their zombie!Alice doll is coming out after all. Alice seems to be a really popular choice for a doll character - there's probably a doll with a blue dress+white pinafore+blonde hair combo in every single doll line, from Licca to Liv. While I'm not automatically a fan of the Alice look, I really liked the OUAZ prototype from the toy fair last year and I'm glad it wasn't scrapped after all.

Also, D7ana/PhillyCollector is gathering links for a pinboard dedicated to Mattel's head glue problem. Got any links to posts, forum threads, reviews, rants about sticky doll hair? Submit'em! Of course, if you're following me you're probably following her as well, but I figure it doesn't hurt getting the word out as much as possible.

Part 1: Request for links & Part 2: Pinterest post promotion @ PhillyCollector
#NoMoreGlueHeads @ Pinterest


  1. Thanks, Mrs. A! Generous of you to share ;-D

  2. Well I did know about No More Glue Heads but I didn't know that the Once Upon A Zombie had been discontinued and undiscontinued so thanks for bringing me up-to-date.

    1. You're welcome - usually I feel like I'm the last person to hear about these things! :D