In case you're wondering where I've gone...

...well, I haven't gone anywhere, really. I've just not been in the mood for writing long blog posts lately, but even when I'm not blogging I'm still taking way too many photos and putting them on Flickr. So if, for some reason, you're dying to know what my latest goodwill find is, that's the place to look. :)


  1. I see Rosa! Yay, Rosa! Yay, Mrs. Anderson!

    I see Wild-Hair Horsey! Yay, Wild-Hair Horsey!

    Thanks for sharing the Flickr pics ;-)

  2. Glad to see you've been having dolly fun, even if you haven't blogged about it.

  3. @D7ana Yay D7ana! :D
    @Barb the Evil Genius In the end, that's what I'm the hobby for: the dolls, not the blogging. :)
    @jSarie That's probably the best way to follow me tbh. Even if I were to quit blogging, I'd still need to put my photos somewhere.