wooden bjd update

Slowly but surely making progress... 

First I made a pair of legs. Then I messed them up because I didn't realize you can't have hip sockets placed at the side on a strung doll, but for a short while there she could actually stand unaided!  
wip wooden bjd 5

Then I made a double-jointed arm! Well, several actually, since it took a few tries to get it to work. The joint is still kind of ugly, but at least it bends! 

Test - double-jointed elbow 1

Then I decided to start over, for real this time, and made a jointed torso. 

OK let's make a jointed torso!

It's slightly larger because there had to be room for several, separate holes and joint sockets in there, not to mention the tools to make them in the first place. I did buy a pin vice and some ridiculously tiny drillbits though, and that really made things a lot easier. (Before that I made the holes with a Philips screwdriver. It's possible but I don't recommend it.) It's still kind of tiny though, since I haven't found a good place to buy more basswood at yet 

WIP - torso
It's largely modeled after the torso joint on gymnast Barbie and Galoob's body (used for Anastasia and Spice Girls among others). I realize I should have looked up some tips on how to make the hip joints, because that introduced a whole slew of design problems I wasn't prepared for, but these will have to do for now. 

Now I kind of want to make the knees double-jointed, but it's going to be a pain to carve those perfectly (ha!) shaped spheres. I might do a test run on the smaller doll first. 

Last but not least, I took a bunch of process pics and dumped them on my Flickr, here.


  1. Great job, you are very creative! It's a great concept!

  2. I am quite impressed with what you have accomplished!

  3. Wow, you've done great work here! I can't wait to see how the finished BJD turns out!

  4. Nice! I know that several people who have made resin BJDs from scratch used readymade wooden beads for the balls when sculpting the dolls, if that helps alleviate the hesitation to make double-jointed knees..

  5. This is amazing. I've never seen anyone carve a BJD before so it is fascinating watching your progress.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone, I really appreciate them!

    @Andrea Wilson That's a great idea actually, I'll see if I can find some wooden beads to use.

    @Carrickters Actually, I'm beginning to understand WHY people prefer using clay for this! :D