Director Barbie has ANKLE JOINTS!

Sorry, this is another post with no original content, but I just saw this: there's a new Barbie out and she has ANKLE JOINTS. Yes, I definitely think that's the sort of news that deserves all-caps - you know how I feel about articulation. She's called Film Director Barbie and from what I can tell the ankle joints seem to be all she has going for her: her arms lack articulation completely. Hmm. Not sure yet if I'll sacrifice a spot on my wishlist for her, or wait for a Barbie with ALL THE JOINTS.

Here's a good photo on Flickr of the ankle joints compared to a Disney Store doll.
Papusile Mele has a post with some promo pics too.

I quite like the design of the feet - they remind me of Simba's Super Model or female action figures: slightly curved, which allows the doll to wear both flats and heels without looking weird. This is in my opinion one of the downsides to Obitsu and Disney Store bodies: the flat feet. I realize that it contributes to the Obitsus' famed balancing skills, but it would be nice with a doll that looked good in slingbacks too. (Action figures of course may come with different pairs of feet, but for some reason Obitsu don't offer this option.) I've noticed that in the last years Mattel has updated their doll bodies with more realistic-looking features, and this seems to be part of that trend.


  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for your visit to my blog dedicated to Barbies. I really like your blog. Very interesting. I also prefer the articulated bodies.. I already did a follower of your blog. Keep in touch

  2. A film director who can't bend her arms to yell into her megaphone does seem a bit pointless even if she can pose her feet It would be nice to have this added to the articulation the Fashionistas used to have.

  3. @Marta Hi, glad you like it! I agree, a the more articulation the better. (Unfortunately I can only read your blog through Google Translate, but it's better than nothing and I can always look at the pictures!)

    @Carrickters Maybe she has an assistant with better articulation who can do it for her? I hope for a fully articulate doll too, otherwise I'll try to make one by swapping the legs.

  4. How cool! Kind of reminds me of the Moxie Teenz feet!

  5. Thanks for sharing this news!

    I agree with Marta and Carrickters. More articulation, please.

    Isn't it weird that her feet should be articulated: as Carrickters pointed out, a director would more likely need bendable elbows and wrists. Shrug.

  6. @Presto I've never had a closer look at a Moxie Teens, but it makes sense that a larger doll would have more room for details.

    @D7ana Well, who knows what Mattel is thinking... I honestly suspect it's more or less random: stick feet on one of the new releases and see how it sells.