Aya (Takara Jenny friend doll)

My birthday present to myself arrived yesterday: Jenny's friend Aya! She's been on my list for a while now, but I got the impression she was somewhat rare. Now I think it's just the supply of non-current Jenny dolls to the English speaking market is a bit shaky in general. And then I found her when I wasn't really looking at all. (And then immediately afterwards I found another one in slightly better condition for about the same price. Oh well.) 

The pics are underlit as always because I'm still struggling with the concept of "night" and "too dark to take photos".

She's borrowing Lisa's 27cm Obitsu body at the moment. She'll need her own as soon as possible - I tried her on the 25cm but it just looked wrong, especially since Aya is one of the more mature and serious-looking Takara molds. 


I'm pretty sure the hair is saran and not nylon as I had expected. It's not too thickly rooted, but a more realistic amount. It used to be a bit wavy but I accidentally boiled it so now it's straight. No frizz though! I need to give the bangs another go and see if I can get them to lie flat. 

Anyway, she also has the fairly remakable combover seen above. Not a common fashion choice in women ages 15-24! I suspect the side part ended up a bit too far to the side, and so the hair has to lie perfectly flat over the skull in order to hide the bald spots between rows, and it's not quite working. 

Combover in action

This is my second Jenny friend doll and third Takara doll (counting Jun Shibuki). It's funny how I've been getting more into Takara dolls recently, even though I don't really like either Jenny or Licca. There are a few friend dolls whose face molds I like, though: Lisa, Aya, Jane, the original version of Licca's mom, and a couple of others I can't recall. Or, more likely, I think I'd like them, since all I have to go by is photos. (And while I'm at it: why doesn't anyone ever post profile photos in face mold comparisons? It would make things so much easier! /pet peeve) It's funny how my taste boils down to anything but the typical Jenny or Licca look, so that in the end I'm collecting e.g. Jenny dolls - without actually collecting Jenny dolls. Weird! 

Two very different Takara headmolds: Lisa and Aya

It also seems interest in Jenny and Licca in the West has been waning in the last years. Most sites I come across are abandoned and full of dead links. I'm really glad Barbigirl.com (sic!) seems to be mostly still there, since it's a great resource for Takara headmolds and the like. 


  1. Have you thought of getting the better one and repaint this one? By the way I like the shot with them facing one another.

    1. Nah, the difference wasn't that big really. I'd love to have more than one but it's not a priority right now. Aya's face is fine the way it is, but I'd love to get another Lisa to repaint!