Articulated Sarah Love and other thrift store finds

This week was a good week in thrifting. I found some pretty cool stuff today, but I need to clean it and take some photos first. Meanwhile, here's some stuff I found the other day that's not too shabby either:

Chairs! Or a tiki bar stool and an 80s rocking chair, I guess. Nothing special, I just thought they were cute. Also you can never have too many chairs. 

I didn't really need another Betty Teen, but this one had articulation! The doll crate was a mess with headless bodies everywhere (why is this hobby so scary sometimes?) so at first I didn't realize this was a Betty. The body had some random head on and I was just going to buy it to rebody one of my Simba Disney princesses (the photo doesn't really show it, but she's quite pale). Anyway, the stamps on the back and head match so I'm pretty sure this is her body, even though the colors don't quite match. Her hair is so-so, but you can hide the frizz among the curls, and the bangs look pretty good. Like I said, she was supposed to be a body donor, but it's starting to feel like this body is already taken... So I guess she'll stick around for now. 

head: (C) TONG, back: M&C CHINA 

Weird white stuff on neck knob. At first I thought it was glue, but it seems more likely it's some kind of chemical reaction to the head. 

She came in this amazing Sindy sweater with a happy palette and paintbrush print. I guess that means she's claiming the Sindy drawing desk? 

I also bought a completely useless clone doll with broken legs just to get this dress. It may have belonged to a bigger doll originally - it's a bit large even for regular Barbie-sized dolls - but Aya wears it best, I think. 

All pretty good stuff, but the best thing was this: 

Sarah Love, little sister/Skipper equivalent of Steffi Love. I've never seen these dolls here but I knew they exist, or at least used to - this looks like an 80s doll. 

And guess what - she's articulated too! 

She has a smaller version of the older articulated Steffi body, which is also the same as Betty above has, and a bunch of other clone dolls too. Her left foot was nowhere to be found - I dug all the way to the bottom of the crate, but to no avail. It seems the feet are the same size as the bigger body's, so if I find a cheap clone doll it should be easy to fix her. That's the big upside with these bodies, actually: the range of movement may not be the best, but all the joint hinges have pins that are relatively easily to remove and so you can switch out a limb if you need to. For example, for my last Frankendolly project I switched the ugly feet on the modern articulated Steffi Love with a better-looking pair from a clone body I had laying around. 

ETA 24 Oct: I checked the articulated Steffi bodies, and their feet are actually bigger than Sarah's. It seems it's just the Betty/Gloria body that has extra small feet - in fact, they're even slightly narrower than Sarah's. So, good to know when looking for a donor.

Size comparison. L-R: Arklu Lottie, Sarah Love, old Skipper, Volks mini.  

The Only Hearts Club soccer outfit is a bit big, but the ball is just perfect! 


  1. Great buys! Who would have thought you would fine matching head and body!

  2. Nice finds! How do they size compare to the older Barbie Stacie dolls? Would a foot from Stacie work on her body?

  3. Congratulations on finding these articulated dolls. Aya looks happy with that new poser body. (Or is that a SAJ body? The wrists/hands look like those on my WTG Volks Kana.)

    Lotte is still my favorite ;-)

  4. @Grandmommy The Betty doll was probably in one piece when she was donated, but life in the thrift store doll bin is pretty rough! One of her feet was actually stuck in a boot and I almost missed it. I really wish I'd found Sarah's foot too...

    @Phyllis Good question, I never had a Stacie so I can't say. If I come across one I'll have to try it.

    @D7ana Aya is on a 27cm Obitsu body in these pics. Obitsu and Volks hands are pretty similar, I think.

    I'm finding it increasingly hard to pick a favorite myself!

  5. These are some really nice finds! My favorite is the Sarah Love. I had never heard of these.

    1. I only knew of Sarah Love from photos on Flickr, but only the unarticulated kind. I'm not sure she's even made anymore, so I was really happy to find one.

  6. Great finds. The Sarah Love doll is amazing for its articulation despite the missing foot. I hope you find a replacement although it isn't always that noticeable that it is mssing (probably that's due to your great photos).

    1. Haha, I suspect most people don't really pay attention to dolls' feet! It does make her difficult to balance though, so I should find her a pair of boots or something.

  7. Big pink dress probably came with a pregnant Susy doll.

    1. Hi, you're right! I managed to ID it a while ago, I just haven't gotten around to updating the post. (For reference, it's the dress in the last Susy link in this post: http://babiafi.blogspot.se/2015/06/pregnant-fashion-dolls.html)