Zombie's new dress

Since I'm broke and not buying any dolls this month, I thought I'd sew some clothes for the ones I already have instead. I'm to lazy/tired to wite anything tonight, but basically this was supposed to be a simple, medieval/renaissance/1840s?-ish dress suitable for a zombified peasant girl but things got out of hand a bit. Good thing zombies don't care about historical accuracy. 

Belle's dress on the left was sort of the inspiration/starting point.

Several more badly-lit photos behind the cut. 


  1. I think it's awesome! I love to watch old horror movies and she looks like a suitable Vincent Price zombie roaming through the castle.

  2. Fifth picture is great. Lovely outfit - really looks like medieval/renaissance/-ish girl outfi :)

  3. Whew ... cool that zombies aren't particular about that kind of stuff ;-)