Mars Needs Shoes!

Well, my cell phone (and by "cell phone" I mean "camera") seems to have finally given up the ghost and refuses to be recharged. It's been my excuse for neglecting the blog lately, but enough is enough.

I was planning to write something about looking for some place to buy a Twilight Teens doll while I'm waiting for Ever After High and Life in the Dreamhouse Midge (aka Steffie!). Twilight Teens are basically Simba's Monster High-ified version of the Super Model dolls i.e. they can share shoes! Also clothes, but the ones I've seen aren't much to write home about, so I'll probably pick based on shoes and accessories. Ghostilla is the Spectra clone and white all over, except from a few black streaks and tattoos. You can't go wrong with a ghost girl, and if you do the repaint possibilities are endless. (Probably the staining possibilities too, though.)

The only places I've found that sell the basic dolls online will send you a random doll, so I might shell out for Ghostilla's scooter set. I don't really want a scooter, but there may be others that do. (Zombia comes with a pink and black coffin-shaped wardrobe - the same one from the Mystic Girlz set - that looks pretty cool, but I'm not much of a zombie fan and she's just too grey for me. One Ghoulia is enough.)

Scooter set Ghostilla has in my opinion marginally better clothes than the other Ghostillas (black "leather" and zebra stripes, woooo!), but comes with neon green shoes for some reason. That put me off a bit at first, but then I remembered that Rockers DeeDee can't wear any of her old shoes since she got her Super Model body, and she needs green shoes to go with her spacey '80s makeup and fashion. Can't conquer the galaxy without shoes now, can you? Not even with a pink hair dryer for a weapon.

...that's what I was going to write about, but it turned out pretty uninteresting and I thought it needed an illustration of some sort, so I opened up Sai and got distracted. Have a DeeDee the Space Invader (Without Shoes but With Hair Dryer). Glorious '80s space outfit belongs to Mirra Crysta (fron Tonka's Aurora line). The lack of neon green shoes should be obvious to anyone.
It isn't even plugged in.