Knitting for Ghoulia

Seems like it's time for my annual attempt at this 1/6 knitting thing. This started out as some round knitting practice before I decided to practice sleeves instead, that's why the fit leaves something to be desired. But it has sleeves! Woohoo!

It looks a bit weird when you lift her arm but it still kind of works.

Still looks pretty okay, but...
...here's the terrible truth.
 30 fairly loose stitches on 2mm needles, if I remember correctly. The yarn is a bit too heavy as well. On the other hand: sleeves!


  1. Yay, sleeves. It's sometimes hard to get fine yarn that looks right when it's on a doll. Your jumper looks like some in the (people) shops this winter so I'd say you're doing fine.

  2. *nod* I agree with Carrickters :) It really looks super cute though, and I'm so in awe of people who can knit or crochet at all... I am impaired when it comes to that craft 0_0

  3. @Carrickters Really? If big lumpy knitwear is in I might use that to my advantage! :)

    @Heather: You should check out the amazing doll sweaters this woman makes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/z-pupsik/7307393156/ She's the gold standard I aspire to (although it might be hard to tell).

  4. That is just freakin' cute! It's a good color for her too.

    1. Thanks! Actually, I just picked the yarn I had the most of, then picked a doll to match... :)