So I finally registered at Pinterest, even though I swore I never would since that site is a mess of user unfriendliness. For some reason I thought having an account would improve things. Yeah right. When you sign up you have to click the little ticky boxes to follow a minimum of five interests. I only found three I liked (all monster high related, since that's what the link I came in through said) so I clicked a couple of random ones so it would let me continue. (The page promised me I'd be able to change it later.) And now my feed is full of boring junk and I can't find the option to get rid of them! Or follow something else instead, if it absolutely has to be five. Gaaaaahh. 

I'll try to figure this out before I start following people and stuff.


  1. Yay! Looking forward to following you on Pinterest ;-)

  2. Go to your main page, your personal page. Click on Following. You have your choice of looking at the Interests, Pinners, or Boards that you follow. Then you can unfollow the interests that you don't want. I'm down to following only one interest anymore. Also looking forward to seeing you on Pinterest.

  3. I haven't joined Pinterest yet but may have to to get rid of that annoying pop-up box you get now if you aren't a member. This is giving me some useful information.